Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bloggy Blues

Hi friends! So... what do you think?

If you didn't notice because you're reading this in a reader then open up my site and check it out. 

I got a makeover! Actually, my blog did. 

I have had the bloggy blues. Yes it is a real thing and if you're a blogger you have probably had them before. You know..blinking cursor syndrome, writer's block, etc. I decided maybe some changes would inspire me. If you're looking for some help for your own blog I followed an easy tutorial by Sweet Verbena

I tried to make it easier for you to navigate around here. I was inspired by the bows from my new clutches and brought them and some polka dots into the design. [Hint: the clutches in progress have polka dots/not yellow] 

All last week I was so excited to finally get some items in the shop. I also made my first sale! I started eagerly on more with a bit of variety in the style but decided to take the weekend off and re-energize. I think you'll love them and will hopefully have them ready mid week. I also forgot this AWESOME photo from the new clutch photo shoot. 

In getting the shop up and running I haven't been inspired to write much. Our schedules are pretty monotonous so there is nothing to report there. I have not tried any new recipes or been crafting since we don't have a full kitchen and I left all my supplies back home. The two things which I rely on most for blog material. I am happy to report we did successfully make panini's for dinner the other night but I'm not talented enough to turn that into and entire post.

I'm sure something will provoke me or maybe just some Pinterest inspired posts to get over the hump. If you're not working today I hope you have a great day off. Happy President's Day.

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  1. I think your little clutches would be cute iPad if I just had an iPad... ;)