Thursday, February 2, 2012

Baby Boy Miracles

Yesterday we were supposed to go visit our friend Rebecca in the hospital. She is pregnant with twin boys. This is our friend who sang and her husband played the guitar for us at our wedding.  This is the friend who visited Brandon's granddad while he was in the hospital when we couldn't be here. We miscalculated our time schedule and  the errands we had to run and did not make it by to see her. I was really bummed. I wanted to show her that we did care about her. We decided we would go today and then run the rest of the errands after BD worked out. But that didn't quite happen... 

Here is a little background on the subject. Rebecca has had multiple complications with this pregnancy. It began from the beginning with struggles getting pregnant and IVF treatments. She even lost one of the babies after the IVF was successful. They didn't give up. Once she became pregnant, with twins, the doctors saw little hope in the babies surviving and advised her to abort both babies. That was not an option for this family. As a result of their strong faith and loving families they continued to hold on. They knew this would be a struggle and that any moment their children, twin boys could be taken from them. 

Numerous trips to specialists and doctors happened. A procedure was done on Baby B the day before our wedding. They were having troubles with their kidneys. I don't know all the details so I'm sorry that it seems vague. After the procedure and for the last few months each time they returned to the doctor for ultrasounds they continued to see improved results often times with no medical reasoning to back them just God's miracles. 

As of last Friday our dear friend was placed on bed rest due to leaking amniotic fluid. Then Monday they admitted her to the hospital as this became a concern for the doctors and of course the babies well being. 

We arrived about 1 and I didn't expect anything less. Rebecca aka always bubbly and chatty was nothing less. It was as if we were spending time with her outside of the hospital. There wasn't the dreadful hospital stigma in her room. We talked about things the doctors told her and some of her concerns for the boys. I could tell deep down she was nervous. Nervous that she was going to have to spend the next six weeks in the hospital waiting. Or nervous that the boys were coming sooner than planned. 

Her husband arrived while we were there. He is also very upbeat and well spirited. We seriously love this couple. While we were there they were monitoring the babies hearts and it was so neat hearing them. I'd never heard that before. Then the nurse came in and told her that she was actually having some Braxton Hicks contractions. 

Whaaaaaa (Despicable Me voice)  --- we said peace out we gotta roll! No, not really, but I know my husband was thinking it. We left the room while they had to do some nurse/private things and when we came back we chatted a few more then said goodbye about 2:30ish.

I couldn't quit thinking about her on our ten minute ride to the gym and text her one more time telling her not to be nervous, not to worry that everything will be fine and that it's in God's control.  Her response ...

Are you JOKING me? Not possible. We just left the hospital and your nurse said nothing was happening yet. 

As soon as Brandon finished working out and I finished some computer work for the trainer we ate and headed to the hospital. We spent the rest of the afternoon at the hospital with their family and friends. This evening we got to see the babies in the NICU. They are precious little miracles. 

Aaron and Benjamin were born at 3:50 today. 
Aaron weighs 2 lbs 6 oz and is 15 inches. 
Ben weighs 2lb 7 oz 13 3/4 inches.  

These photos don't show how tiny they are but they are oh so small and adorable! 

These babies were born a little over an hour after we were there visiting. Now she blames it on us that we sent her into labor. How will we ever repay her?

As of tomorrow the babies are only 29 weeks old. We believe these little miracles are going to be fine. They will have to stay until they are at least 35 weeks old. They still have a long road ahead of them but with their faith and good spirits we know the babies will surprise us yet again to overcome the odds. 

{The lesson in this for me. I have been running myself ragged stressing over all these things I want to do before we leave. And more things I need to get done before we leave. Today I realized that they will get done in time. There are some things more important that need attending to first. Being there for our friend was one of them.}


  1. This was beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I'll be praying for those two beautiful miracles and their parents. Reminds me of this note I have my bulletin board at work. "We may feel guilty when at the end of some days not even one item on our to-do list is crossed off, because the day just didn't go like we planned. And we figure God must be pretty disappointed with us, too. But Jesus did not come to earth to help us get more done; He came to make it possible for us to have a personal relationship with God." You are a great friend Levy. To them, to me, and to many others. Love you always.

  2. I will SO be praying for your friend and those babies!! Totally believing this journey they have all been on will be part of a great testimony in these boys' lives as they get older.

  3. Amazing story. What a lucky mama! And she's lucky to have a friend like you around.