Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Research - I need YOUR help!

It dawned on me that I did pay attention in some of my college marketing classes. In order to market and sell products, you have know know what your consumers want. Not that hard of a concept. Anyway..

I am in the process on working on some new goodies for my little shop. Poor thing is empty as can be right now. I'm chomping at the bit to get stuff made but we are kinda moving this week which is a pretty big deal.  I'm actually planning a March re-opening in case you were wondering so sit tight. 

Spring and Summer are upon us and I have just enough time before it does to get busy.  It's easy in the summer to switch out bags depending on your activity. It may be a day at the beach, outdoor concert, or dinner on the patio. But you'll agree with me you need a cute bag. 

I need YOUR help. It's a small favor really. I'm doing some research. Research on what features YOU like in a purse, clutch, wristlet, tote, etc. 

{Measures 10"x6}

Tonight I made this beauty and I was really wanting some feedback. Someone to sit and brainstorm and design with me. I like it, but do you? Does it need to be skinnier? Sturdier? Should I add a strap? Is it to plain? Less is more right... see what I'm saying.  I need opinions other than my own and you all are the perfect friends to ask. 

Big or small. Square or rectangular. Multicolored. Solids. Patterns. Fancy. Casual. Straps. Strapless. Zipper. Trendy. Pockets. Just to name a few. I might be missing something that is really important to you. So let me hear it.  What do you love in a spring/summer bag?


  1. I love it lauren because color blocking is SO in! Along with those bright colors!! let me know if you ever find chevron fabric...I have been searching high and low for it!

  2. I adore these! And would definitely give on away on my blog! i think clutches are great and this size is great too, maybe a little wider? A really good new site is: http://kslademade.bigcartel.com/ she makes a bunch that have become really popular, might be a good reference tool?

    And I agree- chevron pattern would be adorable!

  3. I definitely like bags that have pockets inside to keep track of smaller items like coins, or my phone. :)

    Just dropping by from #FF. :)

  4. To me a zipper is a must. I hate it when purses don't have zippers. I still buy them but that's a different story. I always feel like my stuff is exposed and easy to grab. (Can you tell I've been pickpocketed FROM my purse?) Then I have to try to keep it tucked under my arm so people can't reach in. Or I get my debit card and lock it in the trunk.

    I also prefer if it has a shoulder strap. A short shoulder strap so it's close to my side. It looks weird if the strap is long and you have to have it by your knees or wrapped in front. It's cute in front (cris cross) unless you have a bigger chest. Then it makes your boobs look weird.

    Finally, I love secret compartments on the inside. I hate it when my 5-year old can see stuff in my purse and grab it out (tampons, BC, etc.) and say "what's this?" Jeez!

    I also love purses that are versatile. Cute enough to go out somewhere, but not so loud that I have to switch before I go back to work.
    That's probably too much. I'm not exactly a fashionista like some of the other commenters... as much as I might try. ;)

  5. I wish I could sit and brainstorm with you, I need that toooooo! I love this clutch... yesterday when I said you should make an "oversized wristlet that can be used as a purse" this is TOTALLY what I had in mind. I just couldnt find the word clutch in my brain :)

    It might be fun to do some with a zipper, some with a button, etc?

  6. I'm your newest follower! All your stuff is soooo cute! I love your little clutch... color blocking is in. With helping you out on brainstroming its kind of hard to say what I like more. Sometimes I like wristlets, sometimes I like to just carry my clutch, sometimes I like big bags. I guess it really just depends on the outing. Check out www.modernfabricstudio.com they have some really cute fabrics!