Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Bold Prayer

A quick Sunday lesson. I heard something in church that I thought I'd share. It's a different kind of prayer. A bold prayer.

'Lord, I'm going to [ fill in the blank ], stop me if you want.'

I can't explain exactly why this resonated with me but it did. As we were leaving church I told Brandon of all things from the message, that one stood out to me. He agreed. It's similar to the the saying, "you'll never know unless you try."  So many people are afraid to do things because they don't believe they can or will have the means to do such.

Are we supposed to be patient and wait for His timing? Yes, I fully agree with that. But I often think opportunities are missed because we deny them before we even give Him the chance. 

The other night I was in a bummed out mood. I've been spending lots of time sewing and  starting up this new shop of mine. I was comparing my new venture to all the successful ones already out there. Then I started talking myself out of what I really love doing. 
Not long into my pity party I get a text from a friend of mine asking if I made bows. I don't make them much anymore but I can. It turns out that lots of my friends rely on me when they are in need of something along the creative route. I was flattered and more importantly encouraged. He wasn't stopping me, I was.

Be bold and take the leap. This could be applying for a new job, college, buying a house, or even starting a family.Think of the times you didn't get that job offer or someone else bought your dream home.  Don't deny these opportunities before God does.

Lord, I'm going to keep sewing and creating, stop me if you want. 


  1. This falls perfectly in line with your new year word. It was "bold" if I'm remembering correctly. Good for you girl! I love it.

  2. Amen sister! So well said & thanks for the words of inspiration. It is just what I needed right now. Love ya!