Thursday, March 14, 2013


Look out Hobby Lobby...YUZAWAYA behind on my list of favorite craft stores. Lame joke? Yep, thought so but it's true. I LOVE YUZAWAYA!
Despite having to hunt for this hidden gem (inside a music store and up two levels) I found what they refer to as the craft mecca of Kobe and now I know why. Please never EVER make me shop at hobby lobby again. Ever. I'm kidding but it will never live up to what I've now discovered here.
Yuzawaya has any and every possible thing you will need and more if you want to be artsy or creative. I am extremely jealous of all supplies here. Lots of things I've used in the past I have had to order online. If I had been living here I would have been able to just hop on the train and go pick them up. Before I head home this fall I'm going to go stock up and ship a box home.
I set out on a mission to find some things to keep me busy while Brandon is away. You know something to do while the Japanese TV is humming in the background and all my American people are sleeping. Sometimes waiting for you to wake up is torture but that's not the point.
After two hours of looking and going between the six, SIX, different floors I settled with three rolls of washi tape, a pack of needles, a set of ribbons to make a flower, a cell phone case that can be cross stitched, thread for cell phone case, embroidery floss and cording to make a navy and gold bracelet for game days, a macaroon coin purse kit, and dispenser with tulip designs similar to a white out dispenser. It's a bit random but I'm cool with it.


Oh and I bought a sewing machine*.

After all that my body was screaming to go home but ignored it and I went to check out the rest of the stores again to see what I missed the first day. I picked up a new pair of shorts that I've seen tons of the girls here wearing and two pair of tights. Of course shopping alone is going to get old fast and I couldn't help but wish my sister was here with me. I'm pretty sure together we could do more damage than I'm doing alone. I've always been curious if I could rock the hipster look and I'm not so sure about it. I also used to be afraid of people staring at me but now that I'm the minority and everyone stares, I'm over it.

I already shared about the sweet moment on the train ride home but if you missed it you can read it here. I know our families don't like hearing it but we really do love it here. Brandon just text me a picture from his room in Tokyo and it is breath taking. Maybe he can share about that when he gets home. I don't want to tell all his stories for him. Don't get us wrong we love it at home too, obviously its home. However, we could be in places that are a lot worse and are so thankful that we are not. The only thing that could make this place better is if all our family and friends were here!

Yuzawaya ... I'll be back.

*I didn't buy a sewing machine but the thought hasn't completely left my mind yet. There is just all that beautiful fabric, I mean TONS of fabric, calling my name... what to do what to do?


  1. Oh wow even from the pics you posted that store looks awesome!

  2. Buy the sewing machine! ;)
    The store looks awesome!
    The time difference is awful when you're waiting for something in the states. I was pickpocketed and couldn't control my crying. It was all I could do not to call home at 1 a.m. to tell my husband the camera he and my son had bought me one month prior was stolen!