Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rainy Day

This is one of my favorite views from our apartment. Although it rained the majority of the day I still enjoyed my perch and people watching from above. Tomorrow Brandon leaves on a road trip for a week. I believe they are heading to the Tokyo area but I'm not exactly sure. I am some what dreading this next week without him but I'm hoping I find some things to do to keep me occupied. The weather is looking pretty decent after tomorrow, around 60 degrees, so that should be warm enough to get out and at least walk the island. Besides that I have plans to find the six story craft store in Sannomiya and join the gym/join a class.
I just finished making spaghetti casserole for dinner. It wasn't looking so good to start because I couldn't find a casserole dish but I've learned in our baseball life that sometimes you just have to be adaptable. I also learned that mom is never to far away and can still give great advice for alternatives from around the world. A giant broiler pan works like magic. Now I'm just waiting on the boss to get home from work to eat seconds. What? I had to make sure it was edible first.
Talk soon.
Also if you ever want to email me, that would be great! I feel like this blog is a one way mirror and I can't see what y'all are doing on the other side (of the world). Fill me in please. As always thanks for following along its super encouraging and we don't feel so far away when we know that you know what we are up to.

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  1. Six story craft store? That sounds awesome!!! I bet you have LOTS of fun there!!!

    By the way, I am loving that I can read all about your adventures andddd live vicariously through you. You are amazing :)