Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sumo Continued & Baseball Game Two

Truthfully, I feel like that was a cheap way of getting out of posting, using lots of video and pictures. This morning I was a bit frazzled trying to make sure I had all cameras charged, internet devices, phones, lenses ready to go for the game, and to make sure there was space on all devices for pics/video. Plus I've been putting off chores around here and felt like I had to do everything at the same time. I really wanted to post because it had been a few days so I threw something together rather quick.
About the Sumo match, did you watch the videos? What did you think?! We thoroughly enjoyed it. I apologize for our commentary during the match, I believe I used the words atomic wedgie and for that, I'm sorry. I also forgot my favorite part or actually least favorite part but blog worthy none the less. I had heard several times before we came over here about the bathrooms and how they are often a hole in the ground and you have to squat. Yesterday we made it to the gymnasium and of course we all hit the Johns before we found our seats. TMI? Yes, probably so but it's the culture and I don't want to leave anything out. (Just wait until I have nothing to write about and we discuss the bidets). Back to the story, I had used the facility at the baseball stadium last week and it was normal so I assumed these stories I had been told were not quite accurate. As I walk in, mind already thinking about the match and not about toilets, I find a hole in the ground.

I panicked. There was no where to set my purse, or hang my coat, and I even questioned if I could hold it for another three or so hours. Then you realize you have to do what you do and move on with it. When I told the boys they laughed. Oh America, you spoil me with commodes and things.
After the match we went to a local famous Ramen shop and it was quite tasty. I had the hardest time with my chopsticks. I did catch several Japanese onlookers staring but I'm hoping it was just because there were three Americans, not because I couldn't get a bite of noodles to my mouth.
Again, my apologies for leaving out these fun (funny) details. I'm doing my best.
Brandon is away for the evening. They had a banquet for the fans or something so I headed home as soon as he finished pitching. I wish that I could edit video and turn this into an awesome highlight reel but it's just me and the video camera so you'll have to take what I give you. 

I never ever do this but... I thought for a change of pace, lets give it a shot. Sorry about my southern twang I have NO idea where I picked that up. The reason the girl behind me is wearing a mask is because illness prevention. You see tons of people wearing them and it really isn't a bad idea.
It's a bit lengthy and as soon as I cut off the video he strikes out the third out. The last batter you see is Bryan Lahair former Chicago Cub. I needn't say more.
So today was fun until the lady at the grocery store didn't give me any bags. I didn't know how to ask for more and when she pointed to them I shook my head yes. Apparently that isn't enough go get more than one bag. I started stuffing groceries in my purse and I bought a sweatshirt from the team shop so I threw some stuff in there to. By the time I made it to the 12th floor I couldn't feel my fingers from the two bags I did have. But those are the little things and I shouldn't complain.
Not sure what is on tap for the rest of the week except Brandon leaves on a WEEK long road trip Thursday. I'm hoping any (all) of my American friends and family want to have Skype (larn.levy) dates or Google hangouts (HINT HINT) I'll even stay up late to see all of you lovely people! I'm going to be lonely so help a girl out. I need to know what is going on back home. 
Birthday shout out to our Mema back in Alabama --- Happy Birthday we love and miss you!


  1. Loving reading your blog posts. My husband played in Korea for part of last season, so I know exactly how you are feeling over there! I already had a blog (www.loveeatrun.com? prior to traveling there so I continued to use it for "Korea things" as well. So fun to have the memories and to keep everyone back home updated all at once!! Good luck and I can't wait to see how things continue to turn out for you two!

  2. "Motto kudasai" means "more, please". It's a bit general, but short enough to remember and will get you by in most situations when you need more of something, such as grocery bags, which stores in Japan can be a bit stingy with...unless you ask for more.

  3. Aw! I love reading your blog. The pictures are great! The, ahem, facilities were the same in China, only a lot less clean it seems. There was often a huge trough looking thing and several people using it at once (number one and two... NO privacy here). Once, on a four hour bus ride we stopped to use the bathroom. I went in, realized what was happening and turned around and went back to the bus. But I couldn't wait another two hours so I had to go back in. Everyone laughed or gave me dirty looks for holding up the bus. The first day I was teaching a student walked in on me. From then on, I planned bathroom trips so I could run back to my hotel and use the “American” bathroom... which coincidentally didn't flush. I had to fill up the trash can with water from the bathtub to flush it. Ha. Thanks for listening to/reading my stories. So much of it is similar that I though you might enjoy hearing other experiences and know you're not alone!

  4. P.S. have you seen babies with diapers yet? I'm wondering if this is the same in China and Japan...