Friday, March 8, 2013

Rokko Island // our home away from home

There is a coffee shop close by and I've been wanting to go since we got here but I've just been nervous to go on my own and order something. Brandon doesn't drink coffee so my chances of getting him to go with me are small. I planned to get a coffee and then go for a walk to check out our home island for the next several months. Before I go somewhere I have started to look up words and phrases I'll need to communicate. If I do this early enough in the day I can walk around the apartment practicing out loud and checking my notes. I know that seems like a lot of work but I do it and it's fun.

It was a bit scary but the girl at the counter loved that I was trying to learn and even though it wasn't perfect, I made sure to ask her to tell me in Japanese the correct way so that I can learn. Again the people here are all so nice!

city hill / honey orange latte (rate hani orenji) new favorite!
rokko island views
Then I walked for a while around the island. I walked down to the water front which is beautiful and once the weather warms up I can imagine a lot more people will be there. Also spotted this café and put it on my list for places to go.

feel / water front

I continued on around the path made for walking and running just to see what was here. I came across the prettiest little place called city hill and just in time too. These trees were in full bloom and the smell was amazing.

I didn't make it around but a quarter of the island because I wanted to meet Brandon at the train station but there is plenty of time to check it out. Instead of cooking dinner we went out for Ramen. I tried the Miso ramen and will likely get something different next time. I wasn't too bad with the chopsticks and I am excited to keep trying out new little restaurants in the future.

I know it's soon to say this but I really love our little island. We already have something super fun planned for next week but I'm not going to tell you what it is! I'll give you an hint: Brandon planned it.
Happy weekend everyone!
Special birthday shout out to my big brother --- Happy Birthday Jake! xo

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  1. That honey orange latte sounds SO good! And the trees you found are really pretty. :) Glad you're enjoying your time so far!