Friday, March 22, 2013

Catch Up

Wednesday I spent the day cleaning, doing laundry, making a batch of cookies, and a little thrift shopping to help pass the time until Brandon got home.
Thrifting was fun. I found this little shop because I have to walk passed it on a regular basis. I thought I would stop in to see what was there. Lots and lots of stuff. I spent a couple hours trying on different things and she would pick different stuff out for me. Mostly expensive new designer stuff that she has in store.  I made the mistake the first day telling her the first day that we are here because baseball. She automatically assumed I have loads of money to blow which is not true. Her favorite line, " I give you good price!" Then she would punch it in the calculator.  I did find a few dresses and a sweater or two and I will for sure go back and dig some more because the sweetest lady works there.
 It all helped pass the time until he came home which ended up being around nine that evening. I had cheeseburgers and macaroni (again) waiting for dinner. I didn't think he was going to be home that early and we had decided he would just pick up dinner on his way. They were going to be here earlier than I thought so I felt bad not having anything here to eat. When I found out my seven o'clock ballet class was cancelled I threw together a quick meal.
Thursday the buildings fire alarm went off. I panicked. Our alarm is right outside our bedroom door and it is LOUD. I ran to our door to look to see if anyone else was outside. There wasn't a single person. I waited a few minutes and the alarm stopped. I went to lay back down and about three minutes later the alarm went off again. I threw on a jacket and shoes grabbed the phone and my wallet and went to leave the apartment. Over the loud speaker came a Japanese announcement that I couldn't understand, still panicked, and then shortly after was an English message. I was to remain calm and stay in our apartment. Several minutes later they announced again that there wasn't actually a problem. AKA false alarm. Not so fun.
Brandon got home early from practice around two so we hung out for a while then decided to go for a walk and explore since he hasn't been. It was right around sunset so the temperature quickly dropped and it got chilly. We walked on down by the water and watched as all the cargo ships were being loaded. Where the water meets the wall we saw tons and tons of fish. There was a man fishing not far and he caught one. As we were standing there watching the guy was struggling to get the fish into his net. I got the brilliant idea that we should go help.
I offer to hold the mans fishing pole while he walks with his net to be able to reach the fish. Of course I have NO idea what I'm doing I just wanted to help so Brandon is guiding me. Then out of no where the line goes flying in the air over our heads and lands behind us on the concrete.
I said to the man, "I think he got away." He kindly made me feel better by saying he didn't like that fish and didn't actually want it anyway and that they didn't taste good.  I think he was lying but maybe not.
Then for the rest of the night Brandon teased me how I lost the mans fish yet apologized that he has never taken me fishing to teach me how to properly catch a fish. I've never had to use the phrase 'the one that got away' but now will forever remember the night I lost the Japanese man's fish.
After that we decided to pick up groceries to have tacos for dinner and found a new grocery store near by. It seems so much nicer than the one in our building but there is no cheat signs in English.
Friday I made homemade cinnamon rolls and then went into Sannomiya with one of the other wives and her adorable daughter. I wanted to get supplies to make some new bracelets with the team colors.
Today I'm going to the game because it's the weekend and a cross city rival game so it should have a nice crowd.
Brandon leaves again on Tuesday the 23rd and won't be back until Thursday April 4th. The season officially begins while they are on the road. I haven't thought of things to do while he is gone but I think the cherry blossom festivals will be calling my name.

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