Monday, March 11, 2013


Hey there, I've been skipping out on you this past weekend. It was super low key and doesn't deserve a post on its own. Saturday I met one of the other wives on the island we walked around. It was a gorgeous day and loved getting even more familiar with the place and to make friends. You always need friends. I cooked teriyaki chicken with rice but the rice didn't turn out as nice as it did the first time. Before you ask how one messes up rice let me tell you our rice cookers buttons are in Japanese. Sunday I was super lazy for the first time since I got here already one week ago. Where is the time going? We went out for pizza for dinner and that was that.

Monday we woke up early, I made breakfast for us. Most the time Brandon is up and out of here before I start moving in the morning. I guess some things never change. After breakfast we met with Fuji, one of the three team interpreters. We went to the bank and added me to the account and set up an ATM card. Then we left the island to go register my residence card and set me up with health insurance. It was fun to get out and about not using public transportation. Fuji took us in his car and Brandon and I always joke that his truck would never make it over here. Most of the cars are half that size.

After we took care of those errands we at lunch at the apartment and then around two headed to our very first Sumo match. It was Brandon and I, our neighbor/teammate Vinny, and another of the team's interpreters, quickly turning friend, Yohei. (Yo Hey) None of us had ever been so we were all pretty excited.
We had fun. It was a great experience and I'll just leave you with pictures and video.
Brandon is pitching today so I will hopefully have more video of him pitching for you all soon.
Love and miss everyone!!!
****Warning: Pictures below contain LOTS of skin.****



  1. Terrific photos! Sumo is a must-see event for anyone coming to Japan. You guys got to go early on in your time here, which is great. Despite all the rigidness of the sumo world, a lot of the wrestlers have a great deal of individuality/personality, which makes the tournaments and matches more fun to follow. Wow! Kotoshu makes everybody look small.