Saturday, March 16, 2013

Two Weeks

Today marks TWO whole weeks that I've been living in Japan. I can't decide if this time is going fast or slow. I do know that the time Brandon has been gone has been passing, some days quicker than others but still passing. I joined the gym located here in the building for two reasons. One to stay healthy and active. Even if it's just a 45 minutes to get my blood pumping its better than nothing. The second reason is to make some new friends or at least meet some new people from our building or in our area here on the island. They offer several classes a week so I'm excited to join a few of those. There is also a driving range so if I every get really frustrated I can just go tee up some balls and take a swing.
Since I've had lots of extra time on my hands this week I've had a lot of time to think and work on my cross stitched cell phone case. It's coming along nicely hopefully I finish it today, not that you care about that but still.
With all this time I've had to think I've been missing a few things from back home.
My dog first and foremost. I still doubt that he is going to remember me when I get home but Brandon assures me that he will so I'll take his word for it.

Our families. I don't think this needs any explanation. In the time we've been gone we've missed three birthdays and Easter is coming up too so stinks a little bit. Plus it feels like our schedules are almost completely opposite now with the time change and the fact that I don't stay up until two in the morning like I used to. I know, perfect timing to get my priorities straight huh?
Friends. Slowly but surely I meet new Americans in the elevator from time to time. But still missing all my girlfriends.
Food.  I can't even think about it because its so far in the distance. I cook here quite a bit but it's just not like at home. They need a Chick-fil-a here seriously.
Kitchen and cooking utensils. I would do a lot more cooking if I could find a cookie sheet, casserole dish, and all the other extras I'm used to. I have some things I have thought to cook but the obstacle of finding the right dish is the only thing in my way. Next time I go to Sannomiya I'll be finding a kitchen store and loading up.
The weather. It still hasn't warmed up here like I know it has back home in MO and AL and I'm super jealous.
American TV. I used to say I didn't watch that much TV but I do and I realize that now. The last two nights I have watched ice skating with Japanese announcers and then Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland both in Japanese. Worry not my friends, we are definitely still getting our fix of Duck Dynasty, thank you iTunes. We LOVE that show and we watch it together each week so I love our little tv dates we've made.
Before you think I'm ready to board a plane and head home, which I am totally not ready for yet, I'll tell you a few things that I'm going to miss once we leave but for now I am soaking them up.
The grocery store that I can walk to everyday and the other little stores in our building that carry all of our basic needs.
The gym in our building.
The rice cooker now that I've figured it out. (I think)
The train. I love riding the train.
Our view. Drinking my coffee on the balcony. The sunset behind the mountain each afternoon is quite a treat.
Mostly I am loving the experience and learning to be adaptable. There have been times where I have gotten home sick and been sad but I try to think about the larger picture and how short of period of time we are really gone. I try to find things to do or new places to go to help ease the home sickness. I tell myself I have two choices. I can get down or I can get up. It's not always easy to choose the latter but I know for myself that if I don't I will make this experience miserable for myself and my husband. Plus it's exciting and I'm never sure what's around the corner.
I'm ready for visitors anytime. Whenever you want. Just book your ticket. Go ahead do it.

Birthday shout out!! I didn't post on the 15th BUT.. Happy Birthday to my Brother-in-Law Chris! Hope you had a good one.


  1. That has to be such a huge adjustment for you! I couldn't imagine. But on the other hand, such a fantastic experience that most people only dream about!