Wednesday, June 29, 2011

TV Talk

Greetings from the south. I am in Memphis. Made the nice five hour jaunt earlier this evening and arrived about two and a half hours ago. My other half should be rolling in here around 3:30 or 4 in the morning. Oh the joys of AAA bus rides. 

While I was driving I got to see this. Don't worry I actually pulled onto the shoulder to snap a view of this gorgeous sunset. 

So because I got to see that, I missed this
 and my favorite contestant-- Dia Frampton.

I love this show for a couple reasons. It is not American Idol number one. Second is because I always watch it with my roommates. Remember them. Yep, I like the family bonding time. Every Tuesday from eight until ten. Normally I will cook some dinner and we will channel surf between The Voice and the Cardinal game.  The third reason I enjoy this show is because the pure talent these artist have. Ahh... wait for it....Mazing! If you watch HIMYM you know what I'm saying. Up top? Ha Ha. And finally the one of my favorite reasons to watch the voice is the comic relief by Blake Shelton, that and he is easy on the eyes, along with Adam Levine. 

Now onto the second show I enjoy watching just any old time. I catch reruns because I don't even know on which channel the show aired.  (Does that last sentence sound funny? I tried not ending with a preposition and it still sounds funky. I know I have some journalistic friends out there. Help a sista out!) Oh yeah.. The New Adventures of Old Christine.

It always, always makes me laugh. Unfortunately this show comes on late and if I start to watch I can't turn it off. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is funnier as Old Christine than Elaine in my opinion but maybe I am comparing apples to oranges. If you close your eyes when the show is on you may think her ex husband Richard is actually McDreamy aka Patrick Dempsey. Greys was a college phase and is no more. They are voice twins, just listen and you will see. Don't even get me started on Wanda Sykes. Funny. Funny. Funny. Mental note: Ask for dvds for Christmas. 

And finally I catch the ridiculous HIMYM that I referenced earlier. I'll keep it on in the background maybe while I blog or fold laundry or do something productive. 

Other than the late night tv reruns, The Voice, is the only television show that I try to watch on a regular basis. It used to be Dancing With the Stars or even The Biggest Loser but after one season of dedication it is nice to switch it up.  

Now I need to go read a book because I feel like I spend waaay to much time in front of the tube. Any suggestions on some must reads?

Okay, I have one other show that is my guilty pleasure - Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I admitted it now someone make me stop. Paaaalease!

All images were found on Google Images, with exception of the sunset.


  1. Heyyy!!! I can't remember if I ever sent you a message but my husband, Brandon Yarbrough used to play with your fiance. He was with the Cardinals and they played together in Memphis. You'll have to show him our blog. He'll remember Brandon. :)

    --Stacey Yarbrough--

  2. So..Ok I also LOVE Dia Frampton and I am voting for her like crazy and hoping she wins!!! I think Vikki sings well but she does that weird frog warrior dance thats hard to watch her sing...

    Anyway I am dropping by from Be-Bop-A Blog Hop.. I am now a follower!!!

    Karma Kristin

  3. What a great sunset!