Monday, June 27, 2011

Misery Loves Company

Sad thing happened on Saturday. My dog Dozer got ran over. Want to know what makes this worse, my mom ran over him. It was an accident. One of Dozer's outside spots is on a leash on a tree in the front yard near the driveway. He has gotten pretty used to knowing when a cars comes to stay back. This has never been an issue, until Saturday. We are not sure exactly what happened but the cute little beagle was out of the way and then at the last minute decided to get back in the way.  Poor guy. Nothing is more pitiful than an injured pet. Beagles look sad as it is, now to have one that is crippled and sad looking. Today he visited the vet to get some proper care since over the weekend we had no where to take him. It appears that his pelvic bone is broke and has some ligament damage in one of his back legs. Anyways at least he has a friend to sit bedside with him. 

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