Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chocolate Ball Preview

There are three working days left until the CHOCOLATE BALL.  Last year this time I had no clue that I would be spending the nights leading up to the ball staying up late drinking way too much Mtn. Dew and O.D-ing on chocolate. Last year it was just little ol' me flying solo in my booth.This year I am doing things a bit different. Change is good right? Right! My mom Becky and I are teaming up and doing a booth together.  I am solely focusing on my blossoms. She is focusing on her embroidery business, Thread Expressions and newly showcasing her rhinestone apparel, Bling-N-Letters. Less stress for me and less stress for her. We both have SO many different things we could bring to our table (pun intended), but we knew with the amount of time we had, we had to pick and choose.  Here is a tiny preview.

How do you think I should display these? Do they need to go on cards like most bows or just leave them free on the table? What would make you want to buy one? Help please! Check out my sign too! I designed that myself and cut it out on my new birthday gift. Hopefully you'll be seeing that sweet logo more on this page. Going to try to do some blog revamping after this week.

Embroidered finger tip towels by Thread Expressions

In the works: Adorable 'made in america' onesie in rhinestones! To-die-for!

Since the Fourth of July is only about two weeks after the ball we are using that as the theme for our table. I told her today I think I am as sickly in love with RED,WHITE, and BLUE as she is. =) Don't believe me? Look at this cake we she made. I am so excited for her because her stuff is AWESOME! I am biased but she really is so talented and I hope this can generate some business for her.

Don't worry I promise to give you a full run down of the booth live from the ball. Okay maybe not live but as quick as I can get home and upload some footage.

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  1. Hopefully it went well! I can't wait to see my necklace!