Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Late Birthday Present

Can you guess what I got? Huh, huh, can you, can you? My oh so wonderful Momma bought me my very own ---insert drum roll here---


Bam- does it get much better than that? For me, NO! Ahhh the simple things in life. My mom always thinks it is so amusing that it takes such tiny things to excite me, especially craft stuff. She found one for almost half price at The O.co. That would be Overstock.com just wanted to try their new "Oh Dot Co" ad. Pretty catchy.

So if you wonder what this bad boy can do I will show you. Not a long tutorial or anything just a few quick practice designs. Lets just say I am pumped and this could be pretty profitable, if I make it that way. I'll make it that way! 

Don't you love how I took these on my lap? I don't have time to make it all look good folks.

I love this bad boy already! I can use plain vinyl as seen above. Heat transfer material to put on clothing - onesies, lots and lots of onesies. You know I love baby stuff! Oh and I will probably have this puppy by my side for some wedding needs. A glass etching project will be thrown in there as well to try my winnings from another blog giveaway. 

I have been brainstorming names for a legit real money making business that can go where I go. Until then my new toy is cutting into Blossom making time. Kind of glad though I really needed a break. I could make those babies in my sleep.

Speaking of sleep (totally random) I was awakened last night by a tremor. As in an earthquake tremor. I thought their was a bomb, an airplane crash, the world was ending, and that I was just dreaming and it was not even real. It was real. CRAZY too. Next time I prefer to be awake to witness it, not awakened.

One more quick favor, please excuse the un-manicure? Obviously this tells you how much I love my new gift if I have neglected regular nail maintenance. 
Ew! =)

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  1. ohmygoodness. No one would have even noticed your nails silly girl. lol