Saturday, June 25, 2011


Today I slept in and it was glorious. I feel like I am caught up on sleep, that is until Sunday night rolls around and I refuse to go to sleep at a decent hour. Although this week that will not happen. I can stay up late and sleep in late for the next 10 days. I would make a 'Vacation To Do List' but feel that defeats the purpose of a vacation. Here is what I have planned and then I'll get to the reason for this post, not that I need one. 

Church. Laundry. Clean. Complete cball orders. Drive to AL to visit Papa (future grandpa-in-law) and family. Drive to Memphis. Spend five days with my fiancee! Cook. Go to the movies. Pool. Blog. I know July fifth will be here in no time flat but I thoroughly plan to enjoy the next ten days not being a jungle gym. 

Ok so let me get on with it. I started to do laundry this afternoon and pick up some clutter and put some clutter away to realize I have so much stuff. NO, TOO MUCH STUFF. All kinds of stuff. Clothes. Shoes. Health and beauty products of which I may use only 10%. Movies. CDs. DVDs. Books. Gym equipment. Bills and paperwork. Nick Knacks. My whole college apartment is here in one not apartment sized room. Well that is fine and dandy to have all this stuff now and in it's place here but in less than six months, I will have to move ALL of this stuff. It makes me sick to think about.

I thought that I had been proactive when I moved the first time. I had my closet organized and boxes ready to be moved. Then I moved back this February I think I completely and utterly ruined any and all progress I had made. If only I could start packing it all up now I think it would ease the pain doing little bits at a time.

 Why do I have all this stuff? What stuff can I let go of? How is my fiancee going to react when he sees my boxes and boxes of stuff take over his bachelor pad? 

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