Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Do you remember a few weeks ago when I was telling you about the blogosphere and all their giveaways? You will never believe one of the first times I enter I WIN! We'll I thought I won one of these handy dandy machines.

This baby costs around three hundred dollars that I don't have. It ain't cheap so I was so stinking excited.  I {Heart} Nap Time sponsored a giveaway of Silhouette products. As I read down one Monday a few weeks ago I discovered I was the winner of just the EtchAll Glass Etch Cream from Silhouette. I admit I was slightly disappointed, for two seconds. Who cares? I won. I never win stuff. I received my package in the mail yesterday and even though it wasn't the high tech machine I was still excited! I love packages! I was even MORE excited when I opened to find all this additional stuff. 

Silhouette - Universal Scraper
Silhouette - Premium Vinyl
Silhouette - Premium Transfer Paper
Silhouette - Etch All

THANKS SILHOUETTE and I {Heart} Nap Time

I promise I will be showing you what I decide to make with my EtchAll cream. Thankfully my mom uses and has a program and cutter for vinyl I can use until I can win my silhouette. Giveaways are going on this week on a few of my favorite blogs and I hoping to go two for two on winning giveaways. 

Also it is Peony season which is quick and you will miss it if you're not aware. I just want to share these gorgeous flowers. So full, luxurious, and sadly not blooming in November or on clearance. Ha Ha. Otherwise I would have flowers taken care of for the big day. Did I mention they smell like heaven? 

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  1. They do smell like heaven! Fortunately and unfortunately, they are fragile flowers. Unfortunately because mine keep getting knocked down in storms despite the support I gave them, fortuantely because then Gary cuts them for me and has them waiting for my desk or at home. Every time you walk by my desk at work you can smell them!