Sunday, May 15, 2011


I have news..are you ready for this? WEDDING DRESS!! I was never as worried about having buyers remorse as I was with this decision. After I "said yes to the dress" I was so confident,sure, and buyers remores free. I can invision now what I am going to look like the day I marry my best friend. Hopefully this decision will continue to snowball and more and more decisons can be made. Lately we I have been looking for our wedding location, no luck yet.

I'll admit I am more excited to move on to the little things. I am going to try and make as much of our decorations as possible. Because creating is something I love to do and I think & hope it will be less expensive. I have been scouring the internet for ideas and have used one of my favorite websites practically everytime I sit down to do my 'wedding homework.' Which brings me to my newest OBSESSION that my sister introduced me to...

This site has some of the most beautiful, funky, creative, inspiring, and awesome ideas for EVERYTHING. I don't exactly know how it works, how to sign up, or how to use it but I can only imagine if I did know this will totally and completely detain me from doing any other thing that needs to be done. I do know how to click on the Wedding & Event link and that is all I need for right now.  Here are a few things I have come across that may tie into the Levy/Dickson wedding this fall.

A Smores Bar for the Groom
I'm thinking he will fall more in love with me than he already is when he sees this brilliant idea.

This is a personal FAVORITE! I love burlap and want to tie it into the decorations somehow. Maybe like this. Not sure.

I just wanted to give you a tiny wedding update.

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