Sunday, May 1, 2011

NEW Blossom Necklace

Sometimes I have absolutely no idea what a project of mine will turn into. This might be my favorite party about creating. It is about evolving and adjusting and going with what you have. Not everything I make turns out, I just choose not to show that here. Although I could start a spin off blog of craft projects gone wrong. What I was getting at was that a simple hair barrette has been transformed into this dainty lil' summer accessory. The Blossoms them self are less than 1" in diameter. They are on a 15" chain with white satin ribbon to tie for an adjustable length.

 It is so precious.

Now I have to get my little fingers busy and get ready for the Chocolate Ball.  It is less than 50 days away. How many do you think I can make before then?

Philipians 4:13 
"I can do ALL  things through Christ who strengthens me."


  1. Love the necklace! Any thoughts on a price, or are these only for the ball?

  2. So, I gave you "The Versatile Blogger Award" just because I can;) Check my blog for details!!

  3. Price will probably be around fifteen BUT I'm offering a special to my readers for eight dollars until 6/1.

    Colors available: Red.Black.RoyalBlue.HotPink.Yellow.White.Green