Sunday, September 18, 2011

Change of Heart

I am beyond excited to write this post, maybe you should sit down. 

268 Days ago I was asked the most important question of my life to this date. A yes/no question answered with zero hesitation, YES! Then some time went by, a few hours, and we began to hear questions like this.

"Have you picked a date yet?"
"Where are you going to get married?" 
"What colors are you doing?" 
"When are you going to look for a dress?"

I don't know. I don't know. Never thought about it. I don't know were my answers. And I still didn't know a month later, or two, or even just three months ago.  I told you before I was born missing the bride gene. I've been impatiently waiting for it to develop. 

Do you know how hard it is to plan a wedding when the bride and groom are from two different states? How about when the bride and groom don't live in the same cities even? What about when your fiancee's dream comes true and he gets the promotion of a lifetime at a job that has more uncertainties than imagined? Why is it that you lose a loved one and extremely important family member during this process? How about thinking of leaving a job that you feel is a huge part of your life? Throw in moving states away and don't forget all the pre-wedding festivities thrown in your honor. (Forever grateful! My shower was a blast and a special post is to follow soon)

Are you stressed yet? Breathe. Deep breaths. Its. going. to. be. FINE! 

These are the elements we have been planning (minimal amount) through.  Each one of them such important things in our life all happening when planning one HUGE important and special day. 

So what's a bride to do.

Take it to the courthouse right?

Nah, however you'd be surprised lately how many times we said, "We should have just done it then" but I really didn't mean it.

Change the date and push the wedding back a few months?

Not for me! I've been planning on November 5th from the beginning and that isn't changing.

Here is an idea.


Yes ladies and gentleman we moved our entire wedding, seven weeks from the big day, to the smokey mountains of Tennessee. Change of heart is all I can say. Through all the ups and downs this is where we want the continuation of our relationship and celebration of becoming husband and wife to take place. 

I am not stressed. I am not nervous. I am beyond excited and my groom is beyond relieved. He has been SUCH a huge champ waiting for me to make up my mind and he now knows and can feel how excited I am. 

You're freaking out aren't you? Don't be. Our families are on board and not one of my friends was surprised by this impromptu decision, not sure what this says about me and my indecisiveness. They too can tell how happy I am. Our life is always going to be full of changes and unexpected moves or circumstances. This is just a good little preview of whats to come. 

A special thanks to our family and friends for being so supportive and cooperative through this crazy planning process. I promise you it is going to be an amazing day!

I now have a full healthy large bride gene. 


  1. LOVE IT! You are amazing. Congrats Lauren!

  2. The Smokey Mtns are a GORGEOUS place to hold a wedding! That's where my sister got married last October, AND where I spent my honeymoon. You'll have a lovely wedding, I'm sure!! Good luck with all your last minute plans!! :o)

    Sarah Kate