Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lately I...

Saved a hummingbird.

Was the audience at this performance of Walking on Sunshine.

Started working on my garter.

Cried a lot.

Watched my love's heart break. It was awful.

Took kids to the park twice.

Attempted to pick out flowers for wedding.

Ate Fruit Loops at a hotel. Its always special for some reason. 

Discovered new favorite base coat. - Essie All in One Base Coat

Drove this monster truck (for the second time ever!!) from AL to MO. 

Started using conditioner. - Redken All Soft

Fell even more in love - the iPad serenade. 

There! Now we are up to date and can pick up where we left off which means its almost time for my shower!! One week from today! Aren't these invites precious?  My mom and sister are AMAZING. I loooooove them. 

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  1. just came across your blog. adorable! i CAN"T believe you saved a hummingbird! too sweet! can't wait to read more girl!
    xo TJ