Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shellac Review

Hey hey! Can you guess what I'm going to tell you about today? I'm gonna share with you how I got Shellac'd and try to break it down so YOU can decided if you want to get Shellac'd also.

I won't get all technical on you cause that's no fun. It was like a regular manicure except you have to let you hands set under a light so the polish can cure. They use a base coat, two coats of color, and a top coat. Basic right? Once the top coat cures under the light you are out the door, of course after you pay, but there is zero dry time. It lasts for up to two weeks. I personally made it 13 days before I had to say adios. To remove, you have to soak your nails in pure acetone for ten minutes and it should come of in one piece. 

Three isn't a HUGE selection of colors because its still a new technique. Give it a few years and I'm sure there will be hundreds.

Here are some photos from the beginning, day  11, and day 13.

Day 1

Day 13 - No chipping

My personal review of a Shellac manicure:

Color: Its going to last for almost two weeks so pick something you know will go with whatever upcoming event you may have. If you like to change often this may not be a good thing for you. I LOVE to change often but I enjoyed not worrying about chippy polish.

Wear: AMAZING! I think my favorite thing about it is that I tend to do some heavy cleaning and the polish didn't chip with my hands being in water and chemicals. (Yeah, I don't wear gloves) 

Price: I paid $25 dollars. I think the range is anywhere from 20 - 40 depending on location. It is worth it if you are either like me and have somewhat small case of OCD with your nails or you are only getting a Shellac for special occasions. I do love it but I don't want to spend this much getting my nails done every two weeks.

Removal: If you do it right its easy. I learned the hard way and didn't use PURE acetone. That was my mistake and hopefully next time I will have an easy removal.

Do I recommend this product? YES! I do. Its great and wears for a long time. Longer than regular polish. It also is harm free to your nails and helps them grow if you are wanting to add length. It shows in the photos how much my nails grew out while Shellac'd.

Final Notes: Do your research. Not all manicurist have years of experience with this new product. It takes time to learn how to properly apply each coat. If done incorrectly, bubbles or wrinkling may occur.

Happy Shellac'n

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