Wednesday, July 28, 2010

OSFA (One Size Fits All)

This past weekend I visited old stomping grounds. Okay, so I only resided there for three months, but let me tell you they were the best three month of my life thus far. It was through such tiny connections that God led me there and I couldn't be more thankful.  I met some amazing friends there. First being my one-and-only, Brandon, second Maddie a fellow intern from last summers job.  

I only got to spend a short amount of time with Maddie but we instantly clicked.  She played a huge role assisting  with the secrecy to my forbidden relationship. If it wouldn't have been for her I probably would have been fired (if you can fire someone who isn't actually being paid to work.) After the internship ended mid September, news followed shortly after in November that she was getting married! I know how hard it is to keep in touch with friends when you move away so I knew what kind of challenge I faced. That is pretty much the status will almost all but literally two of my friends!  My life consists of long distance relationships.  Thus I use my cards to try to keep in touch with all of them.  

This weekend I went to visit Maddie to help celebrate her 'last night single.'  It was overall a fun weekend.  When you are the only one in a group that has no connection to anyone else but the person the party is for, you are definitely tested to make friends! What a great group of girls! I am eagerly waiting for the wedding in three weeks.  It was a lingerie party but I opted for the gift card so she can pick what she wants/likes/needs, in addition to this one of a kind hand crafted card. 


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