Thursday, October 4, 2012

Welcome October

My favorite month is here and we are already four days in. Can we slow it down please? 
There are several things I love about living in the country, my favorite being the quiet. Our pup has allowed me to experience these things in full. Late at night before bed I take him out and get to see the bright stars and open sky. Then early dewy mornings follow with the sunrise and I think I like those equally as much. 

Speaking of country, there is a chance that we will be heading off  to another country next season to play ball. See what I did there? It's a little nerve wracking at the moment but we won't know anything probably for the next month or so. I never ever thought I'd be moving to a foreign country for part of a year but I guess anything is possible. Depending on where we go I could also have the chance to teach English. Um...I picture it going like this. I hold a cup and say cup. Then maybe a book and say book. Hopefully because lets admit, my grammar around here probably ain't so good. What an experience that will be! 

I don't know if it's bad to talk about these things before they happen, but I'm the kinda person that just needs it out there so it isn't huge jaw dropping news the day I say, "Hey we are moving to Japan or Korea." If we go, we go. If we stay, we stay. Just gotta roll with the punches even if that means getting punched out of the country.

So in the meantime, I'll enjoy my American mornings, in the country, in the quiet, while I got them.



  1. As scary and intimidating as moving to a different country for a significant amount of time may seen... I think it also seems adventurous and pretty cool! I think if I had the opportunity to do that even with little ones in tow, I'd do it today. Maybe not several years from now when we're tied into so many activities and schools, etc, but right now... Yeah, I think I could. Part of me loves routine and the comfort that familiarity brings, but I dare say even a bigger part of me loves a good adventure. Maybe it's the Army brat in me :) If you go, it will be awesome! If you stay, it will be awesome. God's hand is in it, and no matter what you're sure to have an adventure!

  2. Love these pics! I can just feel the cool morning air...wish you were here to have a morning coffee date with!!