Monday, October 8, 2012

Oh Just Some Things

Let's chat a minute. Right now, I'm snuggled on the couch in my new favorite NASCAR sweatshirt as my freshly bathed pup sleeps beside me. I just made a hot cup of my favorite pumpkin coffee. I have on game 2 of the Cardinals/Washington battle of the NLDS. My other half is gone helping coach a little league game and I find myself extremely grateful for this evening and its simplicity, it's normalcy. 

As more time passes that we are home, the more like a normal marriage I feel we have. This past week we hung pictures in our living room. Most of them were gifts for our wedding which was nearly a year ago, finally some progress. Saturday morning we headed to the flea market, then napped all afternoon and I made a junky meal of macaroni and hot wings and we watched Avengers. Sunday we normally head to church, but this week we headed to my very first NASCAR race and I will tell you I fell in love. It's not like any other sporting event and I'll share more on that this week at some point. 

I felt guilty all weekend about never reopening shop like I said I would on Friday. I am starting to let that guilt slip away. Some how each time I feel ready to try again to make my handmade business work, I get feelings of doubt. I question myself and if I have what it takes to do all of it on my own. The sewing I can do. I can package and ship items. I can even photograph them and list them online. But doing it all is extremely challenging. 

CARDS WIN! The Voice it is. Man I love this show. 

Back to what I was saying. It's hard work and I'm the one to have to do it. For right now, again like I've said before, maybe online selling is not for me. Even though I always think I can do it and talk myself into it, it just never feels right. With Christmas right around the corner there are several local holiday boutiques and I feel like that is where I should spend focus my time. I just hope you all know that if you ever want or need something you've seen before, don't hesitate to ask. 

Finally, our pup. Words can't describe my little fur ball best friend. I flipping LOVE him! I tell him several times a day and I always find myself asking Brandon if he thinks Tag knows how much we love him. I sure hope he knows. I love that he follows me everywhere and even helps with laundry. I prayed for this little guy. As we were searching for a puppy I remember asking for the perfect little dog for our family and I'm positive he is our answered prayer. 

That's all my friends. Check back for thoughts and pictures on Talladega! 

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