Sunday, September 9, 2012


Hi, Tag here. My mom obviously has been slacking on her blog. I offered to take over some of the duties until she can get it together. But before we go any further let me tell ya bout myself. My name is Tag Dickson. My birthday is July 12, 2012 so that makes me 59 days young. They say I'm sable colored but you can just say teddy bear brown, easy enough right. I weigh a whopping 1.5 lbs and stand about six inches tall. I'm little but you'll love me. 

first car ride with new family

I first met my new mom and dad on a rainy Thursday afternoon. There was loud noises and bright flashes in the sky. My three brothers and I were getting soaking wet while they were oohing and ahhing over us. She picked me up, looked me in the eye, then turned to the man and with a pitiful face she said, "I want this one!" 

I was pumped because I was cold, shivering, and a little wet when she wrapped me in the snuggest of blankets. What I didn't know was I was about to leave my little brothers. I miss them a lot but boy oh boy have I gotten a lotta love in the last four days. Then we hopped in 'big blue' and rode for what seemed a really long time. The sun came out and she cuddled me the entire trip home. When she wasn't cuddling me she kept taking pictures of me. Just wait and see I'm sure I've been posted up all over the interweb by now. She and my dad kept throwing out name after name but none of them sounded right, seriously I could have been called Pickles, they actually said that, they were getting ridiculous. I tuned them out and snoozed. I love napping, I hope they are okay with that.

cuddles with mom // napping with dad

I'm pretty sure my mom and dad have never owned a puppy before. I'll just go ahead and say that I am a really really good one for them to start with and that I'll forgive them for the mistakes they make. I have peed on the floor just a few times but they didn't get mad. Actually, I'm just going to go ahead and say it, I haven't had many accidents at all, except a funny one I'll get to in a sec. Mom is really on top of taking me outside. She is so thoughtful, or crazy, she puts a red jacket on me in the mornings so I don't get cold in the dewy grass. I think my celebrity doppelganger is Alvin the chipmunk when I'm sporting my snazzy jacket. I'm sure she will show you that eventually. 

We had a great first night. I slept soundly in my cage and I woke mom up at six a.m. I think she tells you all that she isn't a morning person and sleeps past 11 most days, but I'm here to change that. I don't love that box thing, they call it a kennel, why get fancy its a cage and I know it. I know it's for my own good and won't have to always sleep in it. It's kinda nice in there she can't snap any photos. Can you say paparazzi. I try to eat that stupid phone. She doesn't let me.

There was lots of commotion on Saturday, they kept making trips in and out of the house carrying stuff and talking about a place called Alabama. I now know what, or where, Alabama is and I think I'm gonna like it okay. It was a long car ride. I slept most the way, then they tried to see how long I could hold it so I taught them a quick lesson in puppy bladders. They are small and when you gotta go you gotta go. I went. I peed right on my moms lap on my fuzzy blanket. She wasn't mad and Dad just laughed and laughed. He laughs a lot, I think he likes me. 

helping mom pack

So they tell me this is home for now. After all the traveling I'm excited to stay in one place, and I think I heard my mom and dad say they are glad too. I'm gonna go find a lap to curl up on now so I'll talk to you all again real soon because I'm sure mom is going to continue slacking. I know she is so happy though she tells dad how much she loves me bout 800 times a day. I'll do my best to keep her happy. 

Much love my new friends,



  1. can i have him please? he is so friggin cute girl! what a button.

    cute new blog too love!

  2. love it!!!!!! he's so cute!!! keep the pictures coming :) how could we ever get tired of seeing that cute little face!