Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Craft Room Transformation

I have been working hard and am so excited to finally have a space to create in our home! It was more work than I thought but I'm just glad now I have a place, that isn't our dinning room table, to sew. We had been using this room for storage as well so all of those things got shoved into the other spare room. You can't even walk in the door of that room it's a disaster and a project for another week, month, or maybe next year.

These curtains became my drop cloth. They are a tad outdated and I'm hoping to sew up something new. There was also some water stains around the window frame and lots of nail holes in the wall to patch. 

This is the wallboard I was telling you that I was eager to paint.

It took me forever to pick out paint color at Lowes' and I had intended to add an accent stripe. By the time I painted two coats of Behr 3-in-1 in Navajo Sand I decided that an extra stripe can wait. Do you see the vertical seam strips? I had to trim around each one of those. Then there is no trim around the floor so I had to make sure not to get it on the carpet. The paint job was more tedious that I thought.

Then I had to organize my junk. I think I have every possible craft supply known to man. I intended to find a good flea market desk to makeover for this room but I decided to try and use what I had and it worked out better than I thought. The only thing that bugs me a little bit is all the storage boxes under my desk, for now I'll manage. 

It's so much brighter and organized than before. I can't believe I finally have my own little corner. Last year I would sprawl out all over the living room and dining room leaving scraps of fabric and thread everywhere. I love escaping to my little room and it's even more special when my pup curls up beneath my feet. I've been looking for some fun prints and pictures to frame to put above my desk. Maybe even a pair of giant vintage scissors or other fun sewing supplies.

So there we have it the Lauren Darling's office. What do you think?


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