Thursday, September 27, 2012

Anthropologie Inspired

Confession. I've been into Anthropologie twice in my life. I realize walking into their store is like walking in a dream. When it comes to forking over the high dollar though, I'm not your girl. There are occasions when I don't mind to spend a little more but typically if I have the choice, I'll choose the less expensive route so that I can spend a little more on my beloved fabrics. When I moved back south, I left my box of fabric at my parents to get on the next trip. It was either pack the fabric or pack a puppy. No brainer. 

Anyway, I was thrilled (enter real life squeal here) to pick up some fabric earlier this week to start on a project that was inspired from the goodness that is Anthropologie. Have you seen this apron floating around on Pinterest? I have and I fell in love when I first laid my eyes upon it. 

I took matters into my own hand. I created from scratch my very own Anthropologie inspired apron. I used what sewing skills my mom has taught me and what I've taught myself, made a few subtle design changes and an afternoon later I had this.

This describes my little pup so well. He is almost always at my side. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I can't tell you the joy creating brings me. The last two days I have been sitting at my computer doing lessons of real estate continuing education to renew my salesperson license. Ugh, all I want to do is sew and I plan too all weekend!  



  1. i loooks awesome!!

    i love tag in this picture. he's like mom i wana be in the picture too!

  2. Holy moly Lauren you are amazing. that looks soooo good! I use my leopard clutch from you alllll the time, it's my favorite going-out clutch :) and I didn't know you had a puppy?!?! he's adorable!!!

  3. Wow! I got an apron as a wedding gift that I wanted to use as a template... But I'm not there yet. I love it!