Monday, September 17, 2012

Ants In My Pants

I'm about to cover a lot of ground so if you're not in the mood for a lengthy post or don't care to know what shenanigans we've been up to then this post is NOT for you. That being said, is it to early to say I miss the crazy baseball season? I don't actually, just kidding, but this past week here at home has been more stressful than I thought it was going to be. 

Last October I moved to Alabama. Brandon has a place here, technically it is ours but I still find myself calling it his, so we have a place here in Alabama. It is an older mobile home with no basement or garage. It has been his bachelor pad for the past several years. Remember the camo? Before I moved in last year he put in new kitchen floors, a new refrigerator, stove, and painted the kitchen cabinets. He knew that those were a few of the things that I wanted to change and did them before we got married. Sweet isn't it? I was so grateful. Hello kitchen makeover that required almost zero work on my part. 

We attempted on several occasions to organize and merge our lives often resulting in frustration mostly stemming from wanting to do too much, too soon, in too little of time, and not having a lot of extra space. In the three months we spent at our home after the wedding we were swamped traveling and were never home for more than two weeks at a time. It was hectic. Not a lot got accomplished as far as merging our lives. Now we are back with more time than we have had together the past two off seasons to get our house together.

When we arrived, we found our humble abode had been invaded with ants. I guess they were throwing us a welcome home party. Our moving in was put on hold to tend to the situation. Everything ended up right inside the door until the house could be cleaned and prepped for us to be here. It was frustrating. We also had our new addition with us, one that need constant supervision during this puppy stage. The next four days we spent going through papers, trash,old clothes, the cabinets throwing out almost all the food the ants found, pretty much organizing the whole house except the two spare bedrooms. It was exhausting. 

In the mean time, I had also been attacked by ants. I have never been bitten by an ant before but, I can now say in the last week I have had NINE ant bites on my feet. Not only was I bitten, I'm pretty sure that I'm slightly allergic due to the swelling. I get bit when I take the dog out so from now on I try to wear boots to take him out. The itch drives me crazy. Needless to say, I HATE these stupid ants. Today my pest control man aka my husband put down some poison underneath our home so fingers crossed that will take care of them. At the moment, the kitchen I thought I had organized and put back together has all its items strewn across the counter, for the second time this week. Did you know ants love poptarts even when they are sealed in foil bags? They do. No more poptarts in this house.

Then we have had three plumbing issues, two leaky sinks, and a shower faucet that didn't work. Good thing my husband's best friend's dad is a plumber and took care of us. He takes carrot cake for payment which is awesome! I will gladly make carrot cake for late night house calls any day. Also in case you are wondering, it takes about an hour+ to grate enough baby carrots by hand for three cups. I kept wishing I had a food processor. The next day, I found one in our stack of wedding gifts that haven't been stored in our kitchen yet. For now I'll be thankful for that mini arm workout.

And since I haven't whined enough....all of this is going on with my six a.m.furry alarm clock going off. No, I'm not sleep deprived, we try to take daily naps on the couch even if it's for fifteen minutes. Then, I instagram a photo of this so you think all I've been doing is laying on the couch catching up on zzz's with my sweet pup instead of battling an army of ants and more.

Typically you'll find me with three spray bottles within arms reach. The first is pet friendly Hot Shot ant killing spray. The second is Natures Miracle no mark spray for little Tag's accidents. The third is Bitter Apple no chew spray so our furniture doesn't get chewed to pieces. Go on, come at me, I'm armed. 

Besides getting this antvasion under control, tomorrow I plan on redoing my sewing room. It's getting some fresh paint to cover up the floral  wallpapered wall board that comes in manufactured homes. I'm looking forward to working on some other fun house projects, hanging pictures, a kitchen gallery wall, making kitchen curtains, and also some fun fall decorations. 

{Deeeep breath} 

I feel married for the first time in ten and half months. It's harder than I thought, but... I'm super blessed because my level headed husband hasn't panicked once about any of it or complained when I ask him to fix or take care of something. He is good to me and brings me ice bags for my swollen itchy feet, sexy right? I can't begin to tell you everything he has done in the last week alone to help share these burdens of life.  I. Am. GRATEFUL! Plus at the end of the day when I can look past the stresses to see this, I know my life is pretty darn awesome, ants and all. 

Wow, glad that is all out. I seriously miss blogging so much. Not just writing here, but reading others too. I'm sorry you had to listen to this major vent session so thank you if you're still with me. I already feel better just sharing with you. Hopefully the coming weeks will slow down and I'll be able to get back posting about more fun things like my sewing room redo, cute puppy pictures, recipes, and a whole lot more of our life in the south. I'm excited thinking about it!! Oh speaking of cute puppy pictures... I can't resist. 



  1. Totally hear you! You're trying to get yourself out of a funk an into the norm. I totally understand I feel stresse and overwhelmed a lot this summer/beginning of fall too. You'll settle in and start a new routine smoothly!

    The pup is adorable!

  2. Oh gosh girl! Hope things get better!!! Your puppy is the cutest! <3

  3. UGH damn ants! Get out of here! So sorry you guys are having to deal with that and the plumbing but mostly excited your hubby is back and you guys have sweet little Tag. And don't worry...puppy training gets better. I remember wanting to cry bc I had to take Ernie out multiple times in the night. It gets waaayy better!

  4. WOW what a whirlwind!!! you are blessed to have a level headed hubby.. thats how mine is too! so thankful. i hope those stinky ants are all gone like nowish and you can get to going on your sewing room :) sounds like it will be a huge deep breath to finally "live" in your home and be married. xoxoxox

  5. Wow. 10.5 months already?! I hope you have the ants taken care of. I can't wait to see what you do with the sewing room. Good luck, girl.

  6. I feel like bugs want to ruin your life and it's so not fair!! Roaches and now ants? I hate bugs. I hate them so so much! I hope those ants are out of your life for good really soon.

    I'm so glad you get to spend time with your husband and pup now, I know it's super crazy when baseball is in season so you really deserve all this QT now!