Monday, July 30, 2012

Our Honeymoon / Virtual Vacation

I was thinking how much baseball has consumed our lives lately and how relaxing a summer beach vacation would be about now. As I was pulling photos for an update post of the last few weeks I came across our honeymoon photos.  What a perfect time to relive it all! 

My aunt and uncle gifted us a week in Cabo for our wedding present. It was awesome! We were especially grateful to have such a nice place to go and relax after the chaotic and exciting baseball season and all the wedding planning. 

We sat through two time share presentations and honestly...we almost got hooked. We told each other before we went to them we were NOT buying a timeshare. Period. They made it look good, real good. We got out of Mexico without owning property though and instead ended up getting some great excursions for a little less than $70 a piece. Steal. We went on a scuba adventure, baja buggies, and jet skiing. The other time we spent eating chips, salsa, and guacamole or other things honeymooners do. My favorite line from the excursion salesmen was "You're on your honeymoon, want to know how I know? Because you look tired and she looks happy." I said that with an accent as I was typing it, I hope you do the same. Made me laugh every time!  We didn't get  a ton of pictures but we took our GoPro video camera and captured our adventures. 

If only we were there now instead of living through these photos...sigh.



  1. twin! we went to cabo on our HM too! gorgeous pics and I love your dress in the top pic!

  2. Sounds like y'all had a wonderful honeymoon! It's always fun to look back and relive it all. Gorgeous pictures!