Sunday, March 18, 2012

Visitors & More

Wow! For the last ten days straight we have had family here. It's been so nice and as of this afternoon its just the two of us again.  Yes we are going to the movies tonight. Hehe.

When his family was here the rain was our biggest enemy. For both the games we went to there was a rain delay. The first game resumed after almost a two hour delay. The second they called early. Making plans with family always seems to be a challenge, especially with mine. Trying to coordinate eight people with three vehicles in three different hotels gets tricky. Golf, beach, Brandons hectic schedule, Mizzou game,spring training, meals, -- I'm exhausted rethinking all of it. My parent's rental car was a Cube and everytime that little blue box whizzed around the corner we couldn't help but laugh. It was like a circus car. We love our families so much and we are lucky they came to visit. Now that they are gone it seems lonely. We didn't get a single pic while Brandon's family was here. This is my family at dinner this weekend. For once we were all happy at the same time.

On top of having visitors we had some pretty significant changes take place as far as baseball and the upcoming season. If you need some background on that process read back over this to get caught up. Thursday we found out BD will be starting the season in Memphis. He is no longer training or playing with the big club. It's very hard news to take even when you know it's coming. Hearing him say the words, "I got sent down," never gets easy and I'm sure he hates saying them more than I hate hearing them. It's only a shock for the next day or so until we figure out that it's going to be fine! No matter where we are this year we get to be together so that makes it easier. 

Now I get to start setting up housing in Memphis and we have NO clue how long we will be there. It could be days, weeks, months, and maybe not even all consecutive. I believe we will be making several moves from STL to Memphis and back throughout the 2012 season. And I finally get to meet Alyssa from Ten Feet Off Beale and I'm super excited about that. She can show me all the awesome things to do while we are there.

On a totally different note we are currently fasting sweets,desserts, and candy!  The church we go to here is doing 21 days of prayer and fasting leading up to Easter and we decided to partake. Today is the third day and I never realized how much I think about and crave candy. If you need any prayers let me know... we have 19 more days to go. It's an awesome challenge, sacrifice, and learning experience and we are loving every minute of it, minus the twitching from lack of sugar.

Finally, I made my sister and brother's girlfriend awesome messenger bags with pockets (yay me) and totally forgot to take pictures. As soon as they take some for me I'll show you. I almost couldn't part with them, but I love making things for the people I love! I'm also making Brandon's mom and sister bags with fabric they picked out while they were here. They get the family discount - free. I will take custom orders, if you're interested email me for details - I'm also thinking of adding a simple reversable beach tote to the shop, but I haven't commited yet. 

Needless to say its been a busy ten days. 

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  1. Aw. I'm sorry BD got sent down but I love your positive attitude. It's so cool that you get to meet fellow bloggers! Has anyone told you lately that you rock? I can't wait to see what you come up with next.