Friday, March 2, 2012

March Gladness

Remember on Monday when I told you not to worry because Friday would be here soon? Here it is. It's Friday people! And March. How did that happen so fast? Technically we even got an extra day this year but that isn't helping slow things down.

I'm excited for the month of March because...

It's full of birthdays. My older brother Jake turns 27 -calling all my single ladies. Just kidding, but seriously. He is SO funny! Other birthdays include my brother-in-law Chris, my younger brother's girlfriend will be 21 the end of this month and Brandon's grandma celebrates a birthday in a week and half.  The best part is that I get to see these wonderful faces this month!! Both of our families will be visiting and I'm SOOO excited.

It's St. Patricks Day. I used to obnoxiously wear green. In high school I used to wear this bright green long skirt. Not my best fashion choice. I've also been eyeing this awesome green nail polish from the one and only Essie. Navigate Her. It's the only day I can really convince myself to have green nails. 

source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Spring training games start! I've loved baseball even before the mr. came along. For the last few weeks it's just been morning practice with the afternoons off. It has been so nice. We've went to the movies a lot. I guess we are cramming in lots and lots of dates now because once the season starts they will be few and far between. Nothing like the empty matinees. 

The first day of Spring. I love this season, just like I like all seasons, each for their own uniqueness. Especially ones with warmer months. Since I've moved south I can't stand the cold. It's weird how that has changed. I do love a pretty snow fall but I've discovered I like warm weather more. It's especially nice when things start blooming and turning green again. 

Hunger Games. March 23. Enough said.

Source: via Brittani on Pinterest

There is so much to look forward to in March. What do you have going on?


  1. I love when baseball seasons starts up!! We usually make our way down to Dallas for a game or two, but I have a feeling not this year :( Oh well, I'm one of the few people I know who can actually sit and watch baseball on TV. Obviously the guy in my relationship (well, just sometimes).


    And I'm intrigued by green nail polish but I feel like if I did it, I'd want to take it off. There's a fine line between cute and looking like you have a fungus infection... and some shades, it's hard to tell which it will be until it's on your nails. :(

  2. can't wait for hunger games! i'm excited for warmer weather - we just got many inches of snow today! hoping it all melts soon! have a good weekend!

  3. Ummmm I thought I was already following you?? Ahhhh but I am now!!

    Hunger gamesssssssssss omg!!!!! ;))

  4. I love the "eat more cake" card! So cute! :)

    I also really like the green nailpolish, even if I do think I'd feel too much like the Wicked Witch of the West to ever actually wear it!

  5. I like that shade of green! Your nails always look pretty. I have to paint my nails light colors so when I bite them and crack the polish no one can tell and I have time to get home and take it off... this usually leads to me just not painting my nails. period. :s You're probably cringing right now. lol.

    I love warm weather too. I could do with one snow a year. One nice, decent snowman building, sledding snow. We didn't even really get that this year, but it's been crazy cold, then warm, then cold... that I could definitely do without. I love summer.