Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Last Week In Florida

I can't believe our time here in Florida is down to days. It seems like we just got here. We have not gone to the beach or pool near enough. I will be making up for that in the next few days.

The seven weeks prior I've kept myself busy learning to sew, watching baseball, and hosting visitors. Wow. It's so crazy thinking that most of the new things I've sewn have been while we were here. It's awesome. I am going to be SO sad leaving. I have grown to LOVE Florida. If I hadn't married a country boy I would think maybe I could talk him into moving here. Not going to happen. Moving on.

Do you love my new 44oz cup? I do. I enjoyed the movie as well. I was giddy the entire time. It's almost exactly how I imagined it. So did my Mr. because he started reading the first book. He usually doesn't read so this is sort of a big deal.

I was blessed with this beautiful view one morning this week when I dropped BD off at the field. Sometimes I HATE waking up early but this was so breathtaking it was worth it.

One of the other wives had a baby shower this week so I busted out some really adorable rosette headbands for the new baby coming in May. I love making headbands. Unfortunately so do 200 other bloggers and shop owners. Oh well, I can spoil my friends and family "fo free."

And finally this week I leave you with a project I am pumped to announce I completed in under 24 hours. In a post coming soon you will understand that actually finishing a project is a huge deal. I have seen this skirt from Lil Blue Boo on numerous occasions when looking for easy patterns to try and sew. I had some red jersey laying around and I was saving it for this skirt. Let me tell you sewing with jersey knit is not that easy. But I continued on to see if this was going to work like I planned. Luckily with the gathering and ruffles it's very forgiving. Maybe I like sewing with jersey knit after all.

As soon as I get back home and get to see my little lady I will show you just how cute this skirt is! I think I should make one in my size next. It feels so comfortable and is perfect for spring and summer. Plus jersey comes in so many bright fun colors. Yes, I think I'll be making my own.

Now it's time for me to go relax by the pool and enjoy our final few days in the sun. Later gators.


  1. okay on earth did u make that purple-ish looking rosette at the bottom right of that picture?!?! tutorial?! you are so talented my dear

  2. You did such a great job on the skirt! Also, I am in LOVE with your clutches! :)

  3. Ohmygoodness! The skirt is SO cute! Seriously! love it. I have one very similar (adult size of course) that I purchased from JCPenneys. It's black and purple and flowery and spring! I'm saying I think you SHOULD make one for yourself! Oh, and I thought of you when I bought a hi-low skirt last week. I haven't gotten a chance to wear it yet because I'm not sure if it's work appropriate. It's above the knees in the front...maybe just a weekend skirt...

  4. Just one more comment. I HAVE to get a sewing machine! I love that there are no "magic folds" involved! You've inspired me.