Friday, March 9, 2012

Another IG Dump

Wello friends. Thats like well and hello put together - get me? I'm kinda feeling like the dorky kid right now cause its Friday and I'm blogging. I'll never forget a famous quote my younger brother said one sticks with me.

"You're lame. Not only are you making Turtles, you're blogging about making Turtles." 

True story. My man crashes early these days what am I supposed to do besides blog and rack up points on Draw Something ( fyi username laurenD65 play me I'm funny at drawing).  Enough about me.

How've you been all week? Ok enough about you - back to me. #selfcenteredmuch I've been staying off the internet because, um, well, uh, yeah.. I don't have good reason. Basically I'm lazy and don't have unlimited internet on my phone. I hardly ever go days with instagramming so if you CAN'T live without me, which I'm sure you can't, then check me out there.

BD's family got into town tonight - YAY- and my family will be getting here starting Wednesday! I'm pretty much beside myself I haven't seen them since.... January and for me thats TOO long. Company at dinner is nice.

I was going to have a normal post with photos NOT from my phone, but my awesome photographer - BD - decided to have a man-date and I wasn't ready before then for the photo shoot.

I had a terrible morning and tried to post this in order to help myself. #fail. Unfortunately it didn't work. I did not choose to be happy. Blah. I want to erase today and start over. I didn't treat my husband very nicely at all. #badwife I will take full responsibility even though I'd like to blame it on the deathly cramps that took over my body. PMS = pretty much sucked.  Too (is it to or too) much info yes but you need to know that I have bad days too. Also I don't usually talk about things like this on the blog. Periods won't be a frequent topic. Anyway.. I haven't had many bad days lately but today was a bad one. They are not all hunky dory filtered instagram pics. Truth. That's another reason I'm writing, it makes me feel better. 

I was productive this week making myself TWO things. Both which I'll get you better photos of soon. A skirt of this crazy print using a pattern. Now I've learned and can do the next one without a pattern. I honestly don't know how often I'll wear it but at least if I'll my other clothes burn I won't be nakey. Can't wait to tell you about the great skirt debacle of 2012. 

The other is my new messenger bag. I love it!

In fact these are the first two things that I've made for me!! Everything else has been for others.

Thursday I did our signature home cooked meal here at the apartment. Ever in a jam these are go-to. Just add water. Even dum dums can do it. 

I've discovered I love these alone or dumped in with some cake batter frozen yogurt. Mini yummy bears.

I have puppy fever again. Like right now, I'd love to cuddle up with said puppy and just watch some TV since my husband has been sleeping since 9:45. But not gonna happen for a while. Although we did make a deal to throughly discuss it as an option if we start the season in STL. Instead I cuddle up with my iPhone searching #puppies and #dogs on IG. 

But all in all I know that...

P.S. The neighbor has her slider door open so I got to blog from the couch. Yip Yip Yippe. No time out stairs for this girl! 


  1. OK. One, find me on Instagram and Draw Something. My obsession with both are getting a bit out of control. So naturally you should feed that addiction by following me and, and partaking in draw-offs with me. I have been playing Draw Something since...OK, I have been playing all day. Out. Of Control. My name on there is lojerle. And two. I can't remember what two was. Hmmm. Oh. I think I need to try some of that skakin' Bisquick. Sweet sizzle.

  2. Those little gummy bears look to die for! ...maybe I am just hungry right now, but I really want them! :)


  3. 1. Too is correct! Yay for grammar! lol.
    2. The messenger bag is totally cute! I love it!
    3. I can't wait to hear about the skirt.

  4. i am always loving your IG photos! :]

    happy wednesday
    xx :: ashlyn

    let it be beautiful