Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ten Randoms 'til Christmas

In no particular order:

I got a part time job until it's time to leave for spring training. I am so thrilled.

We have only bought a few Christmas presents, meaning two maybe.

I'm on my way home to see all my family for my little brothers graduation from MIZZOU. Congrats little bro and to Mom and Dad for having four {MIZZOU} college grads. We hope we've made you proud!
I switched my etsy shop to STORENVY

I hope it snows while I am home.

I'm having a sleepover with my two favorite kiddos for Christmas tonight and they don't know yet. They are going to freak!

I miss my Mr .... already.

I made Chicken Tortilla soup last night and it was amazing. I shocked myself by how good it was. I'll have to share that recipe soon. Brandon ate three bowls so obviously he loved it.

I miss having a live tree at Christmas.

I take my blog way to serious. Its just a blog. =)


  1. I miss having a live tree also!

    Soup looks amazing!

  2. I saw that picture on twitter last night..please share the recipe!