Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dog Dilemma Part II

It's time to update you on our dog dilemma, we aren't getting one [insert disappointed awwww here]. Over the past couple of days I would pretend we had a dog. I would be getting ready to leave the house and say, "c'mon girl time to go out," then she proceeded to fart around in the yard NOT going to the bathroom to make us late. In this pretend world where we got a dog she also chewed threw the cord of our Christmas tree lights, peed on a very important craft project and woke me in the middle of the night to go out.

That being said -- no dog. We are planning on getting one as soon as the 2012 season ends. This way we will have time to spend getting her used to us at our house. It will also give me time to find the most adorable dog ever. For now the only cute cuddly thing in this household will be the Mr.

I got some pretty cool new toys already for Christmas so I'm thinking that's what helped me change my mind, that and the terrible pretend dog we had.

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