Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Stocking Stuffer Magnets {A Tutorial}

I took a tiny break from signs although I'm thankful I have several orders to fill before the holidays. 

Today I decided to make some small crafts. Actually I decided I was making a gift for my neighbor based on the CSI Project. I've always wanted to enter but I don't have a porch I've redone, couch reupholstered, or any of the larger challenges, at least not yet. So I am starting small and hopefully inspiring. 

I made these adorable fabric magnets. They are sorda like rosettes but kinda not. They are pretty simple to make and require few supplies.

What you will need:
Button assortment
Thread & needle
Liquid Stitch - or sewing machine
Hot glue gun

First cut strips of fabric into 1" wide by 14-15"

I fold the 1" strip in half and used Liquid Stitch to stitch together the raw edges.

Okay, this part is tricky. I did it different on each magnet and couldn't come up with a good way to get these started. See photo.

Then I stitch from the back and gathering the fabric in a spiral, stitching as I go.

It looks pretty messy in the back, that means your doing it right. 

But it's okay cause then you hot glue a 3/4" power magnet over that stitched up mess. 

Flip it over and add whatever type of topper you like.

I used some plain black buttons and turquoise buttons for mine but other ideas include decorative beads or brads. This is where you can personalize your magnets. 

I love them for a few reasons. They are cute. They are something you can use. They are something you may need. They are relatively easy to make require little supplies and frustration. They will stuff a stocking.