Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dog Gone Dilemma

Look at these cute faces.

I apologize in advance because now I have left you wanting one too.
If I haven't, it's because you already have an adorable slobbery hound OR you just got one in the last few days and have been posting sweet photos all over the internet. 

I'm not sure why the craving came about to add a member to our very new family this week. 
I like to think I'm logical in most of our major decisions, weighing the pros and cons.
We will be traveling quite a bit which makes me question how great of parents to a dog we would be.
On the other hand when Brandon is out of town on road trips we could snuggle up in bed and watch chick flicks or you can keep me company while I work on signs

Huge dilemma. 

Two years ago we visited a friend couple of ours in Texas. While we were there Brandon's buddy bought a Siberian Husky, the breed of dog Brandon has always wanted. I could see the look on his face and how bad he wanted a dog. I don't know who is cuter in this pic!

But we walked away and decided that we needed to wait until we lived together in the same place so there would always be one of us around for the pup.

While waiting, we enjoy these fur balls of the family. Brandon had/has a cocker spaniel named Simmone. He got signed shortly after and so his grandmother and granddad adopted her. She now lives next door and before Papa passed he had her spoiled rotten and WAY overweight. Poor girl. She still loves Brandon and knows she is his but she knows Papa isn't around and is still grieving. 

We have had a dog for as long as I remember. Schnauzers. This is Rudy. We got him on Christmas Eve 1997. He is still with us at my parents house. Sadly his hearing is starting to go among other things. I will be devastated when I get that phone call that he is in dog heaven. We also have another dog at home, Dozer, that's my brothers dog and my parents adopted him. 

I won't forget Buoy. My sister and her husband's beautiful black lab who loves visiting grandma's house to play with Rude-man and Doze. He also enjoy's long car rides, walks on the beach, chasing our cat Posh, and rawhide bones. 

But apparently this isn't cutting it.

Here we are two years later living in the same place and married. 

I'm torn. 

Truthfully I'm not sure how this story ends. 


  1. Get one! Then I can live vicariously through you:)

  2. i sooo looove dogs!!!! they are really a family to me, they are cute, adorable, lovable and fun to be with... great post!!! love your blog, following you now..

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  3. awww! I can't wait to see how this pans out.