Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October 36th

Did you know I'm getting married on October 36? Well I am. Try and stop me. 
Did I tell you why we chose this date? 

My reasoning to Brandon-

"When you get called up in September and the Cardinals make the playoffs, I'm don't want to have to call everyone to tell them we are moving the wedding because you're playing in the World Series." 

Half of my prediction was true. He did get called up in September. Now I'm waiting for the Cardinals to clinch tonight and head to the world series so the other half comes ture. I don't seem completely crazy for my reason of choosing an October 36th wedding day right?

These beautiful fall days are really making me appreciate that we will have a fall wedding. I used to picture it in the Spring.  Whoa whoa whoa... yes I thought about my wedding some but the time of year was about it. Then last week I found out the leaves are supposed to be at peak season in Tennessee the weekend of our wedding. Apparently they extended it from two weeks to three. Can't wait to see those gorgeous mountains. 

Happy October

Okay FINE. Its November 5th but I just really love the month of October. 

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