Sunday, October 16, 2011

#Happy Blog

#Happy Blog -- in honor of the Cards trying to bring home a pennant with their #happyflight mantra! Anyways.....

Today I was driving. I always get inspired when I drive you know that. But today I did something crazy. Today I pulled off the road. I found a spot along the river,  pulled out the lap top and I wrote.

Did you know its fall. Hubba Hubba! A crisp breeze at 73 with the sun shining brightly. Can you say glorious? Not only is this putting me in an extremely good mood but in three weeks I am getting married! I feel like I'm about to burst at my seams with excitement over everything that is going on right now in my life. Can I get an amen?

It could be that... I spent the weekend in my college town bringing back memory after memory of the person I was. I didn't hate that person, but I throughougly enjoy looking back to see how much I've grown. Its funny to see how my day to day routine has progressed as well. 

It could be that... I'm about to embark on a completely new journey thus bringing even more change for the better. 

Is it... family. Being with my syblings this weekend seeing how we have all grown up. Spending time together without our parents is something I never though of as a kid. Now as we get to experience things together it brings us that much closer. 

Maybe its... my friends in my life that I rely on and know their hearts and could absolutely sit and talk for days. 

Well whatever it is, all of these things combined, I love it. I want to bottle these feelings and keep them forever. Its a bittersweet feeling I wont lie. I know that with the feelings of joy, hapiness, and love that are drowning my heart right now the next few weeks will bring their moments of sadness too. I'll be packing up and leaving the only 'home' I've know to start creating another 'home'. 

So I'm putting these feelings in writing so when those moments come, I remember exactly how happy I am. 

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  1. This is beautiful. It's often quite nice (and relaxing) to just have some necessary 'alone' time, and let your mind wander away. Letting all of your feelings come to the surface.

    And as sad as it may be to leave 'home' and begin a new chapter ... I'm almost certain you will love it. Change is always good :)