Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sew Happy

I've been experimenting with some new techniques lately. They involve Mom's sewing machine. It is slightly addictive. She is, "Thrilled I am using it, even if it is just with paper."  I actually broke the needle the first time I tried using it. I felt like a little kid when I admitted breaking it. I thought she would be angry but instead she happily gave me a sewing 101 lesson to set me straight.  Pocket cards are also hot for me right now. The sewing machine makes them very simple too.

There is nothing like my last minute creations. I guess I just work better under pressure..sometimes. You know that feeling of  'Oh no I forgot to get a card..I guess I will go to Walgreen's, yep that one. Luckily enough for my sister and other family members they come to ME! Here is the wedding card I made, eat your heart out Hallmark. =)

Love Birds

I am sew thankful, I hope you are too!


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