Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baked Art, if you want to call it that!

I started this tradition that I didn't realize would last or that I would feel compelled to continue.  In the very beginning, I was pestered and teased into making brownies for my someone special.  He joked but I couldn't just NOT follow through and let him think I didn't know how or that I didn't like him enough.  Then when I realized he would be gone basically every other week, I started to send him some goodies to take on his road trip so he would remember what he had waiting for him when he got home.  Now it has gone from seeing each other every other week, to seeing each other maybe once a month. Still I continue to bake or make some type of goody to take when I visit so that he can still enjoy.  In the past it has been brownies due to the simplicity, chocolate chip cookies, or homemade Turtles, my mom will even send a cheesecake occasionally (once it flew in my checked luggage!). We must REALLY love him!  I have yet to find any type of treat that he doesn't like! Here is this visits treat. 


If you are wondering why the pan is not full, its because the dough got SO gooey that I had to but it back in the refrigerator  to chill, and I was slightly impatient to get them backing. 

One more thing, I tasted them to make sure they weren't bad, and of course they are wonderful!! Hopefully I don't get hungry on the drive there. 


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