Monday, April 15, 2013

Port of Kobe

Warning: Picture overload, but I don't think you'll mind.
Last week was probably my favorite of my six weeks here in Japan so far, except for the earthquake we experienced. Yep SIX already. Now I feel like time is moving pretty quickly after that one dreaded week. But I'm not here today to tell you I was homesick, sad, or lonely.
On Monday we spent our off afternoon at the zoo. Tuesday we also had a day completely to ourselves. After practice Monday the rest of the team traveled for their road trip. Pitchers always get the second day after they pitch completely off. It has happened before and will again tomorrow, that Brandon gets an entire day off but he is on the road. So that kind of stinks but that didn't happen last Tuesday. His team let him stay here with ME and then he traveled alone on Wednesday to meet up with the team. Sorry if that was super confusing. Just know Tuesday we had all day together and it was SO fun.
We went over to the Port of Kobe. It is a pretty popular area with lots to do and see. It wasn't as busy as I thought but I'm sure when the weather warms up for good and it's summertime it will be a lot busier. Plus I enjoyed that it wasn't crazy busy like most places have been.
We weren't starving but for some reason Brandon can always eat and he has taken to loving the little shops and bakeries that sell anything from waffles to cream puffs so we grabbed a snack and people watched. He enjoyed his waffle and ice cream while I indulged in a cheesecake latte at a little place called Bless Café.
We then walked around the port over to the Port Of Kobe tower and went up to catch the 360 degree view of our city.
Here I am standing over the sky view box (can't remember real name) and even though I knew I wouldn't fall through I still had to hold on.
I feel like I'm actually a ketchup bottle not the Port of Kobe Tower.
This is a view of MOSAIC, a place with lots of shopping and restaurants. That is where we had our afternoon treats. The large boat The Concerto is available for dinner cruises around the port.
I don't know when we started the tradition but for some reason we always buy the tourist trap photos. We have several back home and I just couldn't resist adding this to our collection.
We kept walking until the sunset.
The Port of Kobe Tower lit up at night! It is so gorgeous and you can sit and look for quite sometime before you get bored. The other structure is the Kobe Maritime Museum and Kawasaki Good Times World. We didn't have time to go in but we appreciated its unique architecture from the outside. We discovered when we got home that we can see Harborland and the ferris wheel lights from our bedroom balcony.
After walking around we ate dinner at a buffet called Fisherman's Marke where they had EVERYTHING! I enjoyed some pizza and paella while Brandon devoured some sushi and crab legs. The day came and went quicker than we liked but we had fun and found some fun places to take visitors. I also found a shopping mall that opens on the 18th so you can find me there then.
*Side note: The epic center of the earthquake is about a 30 min drive from our apartment. Only one older gentleman was hurt and it measured a 6 in size and is considered one of the bigger ones here lately. Although earthquakes happen fairly often here, most of them go unnoticed. I'd like to keep it that way please.
I also just spent over two hours moving and backing up photos and I'm not proofing this post so ignore any spelling and grammar errors please.  **If you caught the crap leg error my mistake it has been fixed**

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