Monday, April 29, 2013


Do you remember last week how we went on the ropeway up the mountain and then hiked back down? Well I skipped past what we did Monday.
We have two options when we face a new or different situation here in Japan. We can get upset, let it ruin our day, and wish that we were back home where we don't have to deal with the situation. Or we can laugh, take pictures, and enjoy our life for what it is - a constant unexpected journey. That mostly pertains to me and how I can react, my level-headed husband goes with the flow and I love that about him.
All of that being said, we decided to finally go to Costco and do some grocery shopping. A few things we knew about this excursion before hand: It is an uphill walk from the train station and about a mile away. That didn't scare us. We were making this trip happen regardless.
I picked up a rolling cart at the grocery store for less than $10 and I brought along a reusable bag Brandon bought for me for groceries a few weeks back. I headed to meet Brandon at the train station after his practice. From there we took roughly an $8 taxi to Costco. We made sure to remember the way as we were going to be walking back to the train station.
I think we were both so excited once we started shopping, mostly to see brands we recognized, but we had to keep in mind we could only get what we could wheel and carry back to the train station. Basically not a lot and nothing super heavy. I then devoured a huge slice of pizza and we headed home. I left the packing to Brandon and like always, he nailed it.  All of our groceries fit snuggly into two boxes and a bag. That guy is good. He had to be if he wanted to get his box of 72 frozen waffles home.

We took one subway and two trains back to our apartment. Each time we got on or off I had to help lift our cart so it wouldn't fall in the crack at the station. I could feel the eyes staring at us but couldn't have cared less. We were making things happen the only way we knew how. Besides the rolling cart being a little too short it wasn't that bad of a trip. I was laughing on our way up the escalator and there I had the, 'is this my life moment' but was loving every second of it.
Would it be easier with a car? Yes, but I learned that Wednesday when I took another trip with the girls in which one of them drove us. Definitely easier, but you got to do, what you got to do sometimes.

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