Saturday, April 6, 2013


It appears that I am only getting worse at updating on a regular basis. That must mean I'm getting comfortable here or that I have had an extremely uneventful number of days. Probably a little of both.
While I wish it wasn't the case, I was hit with a pretty severe case of homesickness this past week. With Brandon being gone on the road for ten days I was left to my lonesome to do whatever my little heart desired, which wasn't much. I knew that the day would come and I was prolonging it as long as possible but it just snuck up on me and hit me like a ton of bricks.
I wasn't sleeping well, I was leaving the apartment to visit the grocery store or the gym only, and I wasn't out exploring anything new. I was missing my puppy in full force and wanting the familiarity of family and friends company. None of which were to be found here. It pretty much sucked. In attempt to make myself feel better I gathered a taste of America. It definitely didn't hurt.

However... the days have passed and although they seemed to tic away second by second I'm back to my normal happy self.
I feel quite vulnerable admitting all of this because I obviously want you to think that this adventure is always happy, fun, amazing times but that just isn't the case. It is a HUGE portion of the time but I'm human and get defeated occasionally and sure enough that happened.
Brandon has been home for a couple of days and his company has never been more appreciated. I seriously missed him like crazy.
I collected some newspaper clippings from his first game. Each time I look at them I imagine years down the road showing them to our grand kids and explaining about the time we lived in Japan. It serves as a simple reminder to me how blessed we are to be here even on the days when I'm ready to pack my bags and leave.

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  1. Happened upon your blog today and loving it! My husband plays pro ball in the states (Brewers this year) and has told me numerous times that Japan could be an option down the road. Your blog helps me to know what it will/could be like. You are amazing, and I am happy to have found your blog :)