Monday, August 13, 2012

Things I'm Loving

I like to think I'm easy to please and as of late it's been the really really little things.

Laying on the couch with my guy. Reading, chatting, watching TV, like normal people. 

Spending time with my second family aka the other baseball wives/girlfriends/fiances. Don't stero type my friends - these lady friends of mine are amazing and funny. For nine innings every night or almost every night we sit and chat about anything and everything. It is so fun and I really love the friendships I've made this season. Not to mention all the cute little babes we have running around. Ironically there are no little boys at all. 

I deleted the Twitter app from my phone. GASP. Yes I did it for three whole days. It was awesome. It helped me learn I don't have to check it every two seconds which I'll admit I had been doing. Glad I broke myself of that habit. I feel free again.

Gold glitter nail polish. Easy as that. I know glitter is a pain to get off but I'm hoping this will prevent the chipping. I had been doing my own at home gel mani's and it tore up my nails. You know how I feel about that. Not in my house!

Dot Sniper. I don't have an iPad, but B does and he has me hooked on this game if he isn't playing Jurassic Park, Disc Drivin or some other dot connector game that last night he was "crushing."  He told me every time after he beat a round which seemed like every ten seconds, " look babe I crushed this round" and I ignored him until he couldn't be a round 220 moves later. Haha, such a silly boy!

My new sunglasses that my B treated me to for our three year anniversary. I have a very sensitive head and almost every pair of sunglasses leave me with a headache. Not this pair.

Goodwill shopping with blog friends & Jerry's Sno Cones. Yep I hang out with people I've met online and I love it! I scored some fun new tops and two new pair of jeans. Brandon told me bell bottoms were not in again but I LOVE them. They aren't bell bottoms just really wide legged jeans. I also love this almost full set of mug-suring cups I scored.  Then there is the greatest sno cone shack on earth. I can't wait to finish up our stay in Memphis treating myself to these delicious cups of ice + flavor juice + ice cream.

Olympic observations via Blair and vol 2.  Be sure to check out volume two and the links in it.. seriously awesome. ***side note does anyone else think mckayla maroney looks like a kardashian?*** Blair is a hoot and a really good writer! Thanks again to baseball for allowing our paths to cross. 

Blog & Baseball friends yep it happens, best of both my worlds - this girl is amazing. You should stop by and see all the happiness on her blog. I can't wait to meet her sometime sooooon. I dream of the days we can sit and watch games together and take really goofy/awesome photos its going to happen! And she is on the most beautiful beach vacation right now so start stalking her instagrams. I am.

Been eyeing these gorgeous cuff bracelets. Do you love them? Should I do the 3, 6, or 9? Gosh this girl is talented and I've had the privileged of meeting her a few times before. Follow her on IG too 

And finally g-chatting with friends cross country on their birthday! 

And one more funny story because it's happening as I write this post a sneak peek into some baseball life. One of my good friends and her husband have an apartment here and they have had two roommates all year. One of the roommates was sorda illegally crashing in the living room. Well he got called up to STL. Then the other roommate got released. So another couple that we are good friends with got sent down so they moved in. Well guess what they were there a few days and got called back up. This past week, I mean yesterday yet another couple moves in and today guess what? Ding ding  -- they get called up. OBVIOUSLY that room is lucky or cursed you be the judge. My dear friend puts it like this. "I feel like an old grandma sending these peeps off to St. Louis every other week."  What a good sport.  I think Brandon and I decided we are moving apartments this week ;) As crazy and bizarre as our life is - we learn to love and laugh through it because frankly there is no other way. Thank God we have each other.

That's all I got what has been making you happy lately? 


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  1. you are such a gem! i was just reading along like always and was like wait! i'm on a beach vacay! and my life has big bits of baseball in it! who is this friend! aaand so i clicked the link and it was me! so sweet!! and also happy i don't have to compete for your bff friendship with this non existent blog/baseball girly. these posts really make me the happiest to read i think. i LOVE that y'all were just being normal on the ipad/tablet type device. i need that and so does stone. so FUN! and also, can stone move into that lucky bedroom??? yes. that would be nice. he can room with brandon. we can sleep on the couches and blog and paint our nails and you can teach me to sew and be super crafty. AHH DREAM. anyways, so glad to hear life in la world de lauren is good, i am excited to see what September brings for y'all :) i've got a good ole feeling. xoxo

  2. ps. stone loves goodwill. loves, a goooood find. so many stories. ill save that for another time :)

  3. Hahaha, thanks for the shout out, Friend! Can't believe I forgot racewalking in volume II. What was I thinking?

  4. I wanna go goodwilling with you!! Those are the most adorable measuring cups!! I feel like I am in a goodwill slump lately bleh! And most players and wives have roommates?? Just curious!

  5. bellbotoms are completely coming back! Stopping by from bits of splendor, and I loved it.