Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Let's Call Chartreuse

Today I am living out my dream of being a nail polish namer. I'm sure that is their title right? I've always wanted that job. So today instead of sitting back wishing, I'm taking the plunge. 


Instead of naming nail polish, I'm going to name my cutest newest clutch available at LAURENDARLINGS

Let's Call Chartreuse

The first night I finished this little piece of goodness it came to bed with me. As in I wanted it to be the first thing I saw the next morning so it slept on my night stand. Yes, I made room - see previous post.  When that happens which it sometimes does, I know I have got something good going on. 

So let me tell you the features of my newest sassy molassy. 

She is perfectly striped chartreuse cotton lined for extra support. Her rounded bottom allows for a little extra room on the inside and is lined with a matching chartreuse check and a striped pocket to keep  small or more important things secure. The fold over flap is a brown cotton with a tweed look lined with a stabilizer to help hold the bag's adorable shape. For a little bit of flare and depth I added a special pleat. She is finished with a magnetic snap to keep all your essentials safe. With 9" long, 5" tall, and 2" deep you should have plenty of room for the essentials. Basically... it's your new favorite clutch. 

I love this bag for so many reasons but I'll tell you my favorites real quick.

Color - the perfect colors to transition out of this HOT summer into the fall.
Shape - It isn't square and it isn't round. It's unique.
Size - Big enough for what you need without the extra bulk and not too small.

So you want to get your hands on this pretty little thing? I'm going to tell you how.
I am offering a pre-order for this clutch from today until AUGUST 18th at a discounted price of $20 dollars + $4 for shipping.  On the 19th I will still have them available just at their regular price of $24 + S &H. All orders between now and then will NOT ship until after the 18th. I have rearranged and re-planned how I run my shop according to my always changing schedule. You can order your new clutch >>> HERE.

I'm super excited about the new bag and I hope you all love it as well! 
What do you say... Let's Call Chartreuse.


  1. Lauren, I love it!! I think I might just need one ;-)

  2. oh my gosh this clutch is absolutely adorable. can you make another one and i will pay you?? plus i love your ring by the way gorgeous!

  3. so im an idiot because i just saw the link to your shop and it says pre-order, yay!

  4. Love it. And the name is perfect!