Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

This was Brandon and I's first Thanksgiving together ever. We stayed in Alabama with his family. The four ladies helped pitch in for an amazing meal and desserts. I was prego with a food baby. YUM! Twins actually. 

After lunch we decided to start shooting guns. You read that right, we shot guns. If you've never shot a gun well, I can't explain it. Exhilirating. Challenging. Liberating. Anyways we spent the afternoon wasting bullets and I'll just go ahead and tell you now I'm a pretty good shot. 

That was about the extent of our Thanksgiving  then we headed back to the house and I concluded the day by cleaning and organizing the bathroom at nine o'clock at night.  Its been driving me bonkers since I moved in and NONE of my stuff was put away. I can't do clutter and I couldn't take it one more day. Plus I love coming home to a clean and organized house. 

We are sloooowly getting things put away, cleaned, and organized. I feel like we will be doing this for a while though. 

I was thankful to spend the day with people I love. Other things I'm thankful for: family including my husband, God, faith, friends, love, craft supplies, food, our home, Mountain Dew, internet, pinterest, our freedom, troops fighting for  country, baseball, cell phones, clothes on my back, my amazing parents, my siblings, children, education, running water, my new business, this blog, all the people I've met through this blog and so much more. 

Although this is a time of year we are reminded to talk about what we are thankful for, let us be thankful each and everyday. 

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  1. Aw! You're braver than me. The thought of shooting a gun makes me panic! Glad you had a nice holiday with your husband!