Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gift Guide - Quality Time

There is a book called The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. I was introduced to this book before my husband and I knew each other. I read it and as soon as I was finished realized just exactly why my previous relationships hadn't worked out. I had been speaking the wrong love language and so had they. 

The love languages are:

Quality Time
Words of Affirmation  
Receiving Gifts  
Physical Touch  
Acts of Service 

I've decided to share some of my own ideas for gifts based on the five love languages.

Quality Time

Easily described as undivided attention. How often do you make sure this quality time is spent together? Once a week. Once a month. Once a year. This takes effort to make it happen. I'm not saying it's easy. It's time to put down your phone or better yet turn it off. In fact, turn off all electronics or distractions. Engage in one another and a conversation.

Gift Ideas

 These aren't ideas for gifts you can go buy in a store. They are homemade coupons. 

1) The Red Card -  Think soccer. If the red card is pulled - electronics go off. Time to drop everything your doing and spend time together. I suggest something other than movies because this doesn't really allow for much interaction. Maybe work on a house project together or hit up the driving range. Use the red card for quality time only. Set boundaries or rules to go along with the Red Card.

2) The DD. DD = Dinner Date, with a twist. Make dinner together. Pinterest offers TONS of ideas for recipes. Pick out your favorites and get to cooking. If you have wait time play a game of twenty questions.

3) The Fitness Friendsy. Hit the gym together. Now you have someone to sit on your feet for sit ups, toss the medicine ball with, or race next to you on the treadmill. Make it a challenge, everyone loves a friendly wager. 

For HIM: If Quality Time is HIS language

4)The Man Date. Be his best buddy girls. Hunting. Golfing. Hoop Shooting. Football Tossing. They might not ALWAYS want you along and you may not ALWAYS want to go but if they've ever hinted they want your company - here's your chance. Maybe your his caddy, his cheerleader or watergirl but together you'll have a good time. 

For HER: If Quality time is HER language

5) The Grocery Getter. Go with her grocery shopping. Ladies get excited when they have a shopping partner or when they don't have to go at all, but we won't push it, so just go with her. Together you can pick out new foods to try and he can push the cart.

6) The MAN-icure. I know many guys will use any of the others above but just in case you really messed up or just need a really great gift this is the coupon for you. Offer up a mani or pedi. Don't doubt yourself that you can't do it. Its about the quality time spent together. If all she gets out of it is a foot rub you still won her over. 

Key to remember. Undivided attention = quality time. 

Not sure if this is your love language? Grab a copy and in the meantime stay tuned for the rest of the languages. Make sure that you pass along this one of a kind gift guide if this is your love language. 


  1. This is such a great idea! That book has helped my husband and I to understand each other so much. His love language is quality time and mine is not at all, so its a constant struggle for me to remember what HE needs, not just what I do. Great suggestions for the coupons, too! :)

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