Monday, August 9, 2010

Amazing August

Merry Monday!  This is going to be the beginning of many cards to come for the month of August.  I have the photos waiting on my computer just begging to be blogged about. Yes, that means the cards are done in advance. Shocker huh?  However, they will have to wait until after this weekend. I did fail with the following card, and my on time resolution. Wha-whaaa. =( It is overdue, and not in the mail yet, but going first thing tomorrow morning!  Don't worry I doubt this will spoil it, at least I hope not, if it does she won't know what I included inside anyway!

Name: Emily Kirtley
Birth date: July 29th, 1986
Relation: Friend from Mizzou

I have been making an effort to start working on the presentation in addition to the card.  It has been so fun to hunt around the house to try and find goodies to throw in like they do in the magazines. If you look back to the very beginning of my blog back in January you will find very bad colored photos and no extra special effort but,
 lifes a dance, you learn as you go!

I also, again, updated the look of my blog. The new ribbon background is much more fitting I think, and the name too.  It just seemed BLAH and I wasn't ever really excited to blog and share my designs. Hopefully this one will stick for a few months, maybe even til the end of the year. One other new computer. It used to be getting one post written over a week, working on it bits and pieces because of a freeze up every five minutes, NO exaggeration. Now, I have completed this entire post in one sitting. So so wonderful ( and it was tax free yay).

Coming soon : birthday, baby, wedding, pregnancy, sweet treats, and MORE!


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  1. I love the picture of the beads....with the card blurry in the background!